Boyfriend is sad all the time and makes me feel bad about it? Please help?

We've only been dating six months and he asked me to take a shower with him but I don't want to regret anything. He always gets sad whenever I tell him no and we have fought about it before so I said no to taking a shower with him and said I don't want to regret anything then he said He doesn't think I trust him cause he promised to wait to have sex until I was ready but he thinks I don't want to take a shower with him cause it will lead to sex. He kinda is right cause that is what I think and it scares me cause I don't want to have sex! Now he's not texting or calling me back ugh what should I do? Is it my fault or his? What should I say to fix things?

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  • 7 years ago
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    You don't want to be with him if he gets mad over you not wanting to have sex...

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