Can someone help me with my Homestuck cosplay problem?

Okay, so I'm going to cosplay as Karkat and I have basicly everything I need for the cosplay but... I have no clue what to do for they grey skin. I have an idea but it might just be the stupidest thing ever. I was thinking of getting a grey spandex body suit and using makeup for the face. Would the body suit be a good idea?

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    7 years ago
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    Hi Ivan ^-^

    I'm here to help with your problem.

    I had the same problem when I decided to cosplay Nepeta :33

    So after a while, my Equius and I searched a while online until we found this skin paint called Ben Nye. Now, Karkat is a very modest troll, always to be seen with covered arms and leg so honestly you'll probably only need one container of it. It may look like a small amount but trust me, a little does a lot. Although for my Equius we had to use more than just one to cover all the skin. If you feel worried it's not enough, buy two. You may use it for another time.

    One more warning. If your going to a convention as Karkat, make sure to paint just the back of your hand not the palm. If some crazy fangirl (Guilty) were to ask for a hug, you wouldn't be able to because you'd get paint all over her cosplay. Even if you are in character as the grumpy little troll, you wanna be able to give hugs to your favorite characters too although you may not give hugs to those who ask.

    I hope I was of help Karkitty :33


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