i need help with c2k?

basicly c2k is used in my school. my password was recently changed and i have no idea what it could be. i singed in and got things sorted but the pasword has been forgoten. ( i must add so you dont think im an idiot this has been chaged around 7 times in the last year due to my schools "updates" on the computers) anyway i need to get acsess to my c2k account. this can be through a password reset preferably. how can i do this without having access to my c2k email since its the same. any software that can help me change it will be appreciated. i could go to the teacher howvever i need to have work handed in by wedensday and this teacher dosent care. last time i had my password reset it took him 2 weeks and i was reminding him daily.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sorry. Normally even ordinary email passwords are extremely hard to uncrypt. C2K uses Outlook Web Access (OVA) provided by Miscrosoft Exchange Server under https protocol, so, no way to recover your password. There is no applcation available to do that. You have no way out but ask that careless teacher and wait untli he helps you out.

    In the future, get yourself a small notebook, copy there your passwords and keep it in a locked drawer.

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    C2kni Email

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    C2k Email

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