I had a dream that I murdered someone?

Don't worry, I'm not a psychopath or anything, just want to put that out there.

Basically, the dream began when I was at university and I found out that I got a 1st in one of my assignments and I was so happy because that never happens to me. My tutor came up to me and told me I had got the highest in the year.

I went back to my halls of residence where I found my mum and my brother surprise visiting me. The next part is a bit of a blur but I think that my brother was angry at one of my flat mates or something. We decided to kill this girl for some reason. So I can't remember how, but somehow we got her outside behind the building and another one of my flat mates who the others have been a bit annoyed with recently came out to watch.

My mum stabbed the girl who we were planning to murder and then suggested that we cut off her eyelids. My brother kept making clumsy incisions with the knife so I took it off him and cut her eyelids off and gave them to my mum. I remember feeling ill and grossed out at this point for having to touch the eyelids because they were all bloody.

We put the girl into a plastic crate and then put it into the boot of my mum's car. The other girl who was with us informed us that somehow my other flat mates had found out and called the police. It was then that I realised the severity of what we had done. I had felt no emotion whatsoever up to this point, but then I realised how psychopathic what we had just done was and I felt sick with myself for having murdered this girl and I felt so much regret and remorse for my actions.

My mum told me to get in the car and we drove home. On the way, I kept saying to my mum and my brother 'can you not see that what we just did was psychopathic and wrong? We just murdered someone!' and my mum kept saying 'I don't see how we did anything wrong'. When we got back, my mum asked me if I could park the car even though I don't drive and she got really angry at me when I crashed it into the garage.

I noticed that there was someone in our house and realised it must be the police. All these thoughts ran through my head, like how my life was over, I would have to go to prison for life, I wouldn't finish my degree, I wouldn't get a job, everyone would hate me and think I was a psychopath.

My mum told us to act natural and when we got into the house, the police man said he was there on account of some stolen video games. I knew this was a bluff, but before he could get to the real reason why he was there, I woke up.

Now, I have absolutely no hard feelings towards the girl we murdered in my dream, she is a lovely girl. I have no idea why I dreamed about this! I am currently at home and haven't seen my flat mates since last week but have seen my mum and brother every day. What could all this mean?


Hold up! I am seriously NOT attracted to this girl! I have a boyfriend of two years so I won't be asking anyone on a date!!! I REALLY don't think that's it lol, I'm not a lesbian :P If I was, I wouldn't go for a girl like her anyway...

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    7 years ago
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    What I gather from your dream description is that killing this girl was basically your mom's idea and you and your brother went along with it.

    Do you feel that you are a bit attracted to this girl? If so, do you feel that you mom wouldn't particularly like her or approve of you dating her? This could escalate in your dream to her suggesting that you and her kill the girl. Get her out of your life so to speak.

    The removal of the eyelids could be to "open her eyes" to something you want her to pay attention to--like YOU.

    Could this be close? If so, try asking the girl for a date. If she says no, then it's all over and there won't be another dream. If she says yes, and your mother really doesn't approve, you may have to set mama straight about staying out of your social life.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    wow! Erm..... it could mean LOADS of things!!! I dont really know, maybe see someone who is a specialist so they could tell you, or maybe search on the internet for you particular dream because i'm sure people have had those types of dreams before...

    Sorry i wasn't helpful....

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