nightmare rolling contract with a telephone provider called Unicom?

A telephone provider called Unicom say my contract rolled over automatically in

November 2011 for three years.

this has happened a couple of times and each time I am 'too late' to get out of it!

I see from the offcom website that customers were not to be 'on' rolling

contracts after 31 December 2012.

Does this mean I should have had a new contract and the three-year rollover

contract that they claim I am in… Is void?

also suddenly realised - thier salesman in 2005 in his haste took my name wrong... and the contract/account is only under my middle name - which i dont use and surname.

will than affect the validity of the contract? its not a name by which I am known, but its part of my full name on some official documentation - but the unicom paperwork dosent have my first name.?

Many thanks

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  • Tavy
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    7 years ago
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    Phone OFCOM and ask them the validity of this contract. As for your name - makes no difference. You have been paying under the name listed, so you cannot get out of it that way.


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