Fiesta zetec s starts ,cuts pump running? Scan shows hego running rich bank 1 after cat, anything commo?

Had primary lambda sensor changed. Drove ok all day. Started idling poorly, not starts but immediately cuts out. Turning on ignition can't hear pump running?m


Update. It's a 2002 model. And have found fuel pump isn't running is the issue. Need to drop tank..not easy as full of fuel.. To remove pump . Rotten job and a severe design flaw by fords ..not that they give a damn. Still it's only got to run another year then I will likely scrap it or give it away. Thanks for reading anyway.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Come on Horn, you know you need to provide the complete vehicle information, (Year of the Fiesta)

    Then we could give you something more that guesses!

    Please update the vehicle year...

    Source(s): 28 Year Master, L-1 Technician
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    7 years ago


    being the educated lad that you are.

    i would have thought you would have guessed this has a lot to do with the engine management system.

    something is probably worn injectors and the mechanism which fires them.

    yes they are fired by an electronic pulse which comes from the engine management system.

    the sensors are just part of the whole system there are other devices as well and one very important thing is the injection fuel delivery system.

    as it has two pumps a low pressure to get fuel out of the tank at about 200 psi and a high pressure pump which produces pressures in excess of 2000 psi.

    this means it will wear in time.

    having seen the wear in the small holes in injector double is size due to this extreme pressure.

    no wonder they wear out and instead of a spray produce a drop by drop fuel when the injection needs to be a spray which atomises the fuel.

    Source(s): as an old guy who has studied how the modern engine is fuelled in some depth and the computer systems have evolved in the auto mobile over the last 28 years. yes since 1986 we have had injection systems. the other guy might claim to be a master tech but he doesn't realise sometimes we need to spell it out. or should i just call him engine fitter which seems to classify him better.
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    7 years ago

    Tut tut,

    Your not a the tank out stage yet,

    Fuel pump relay check first,then remove the relay and bridge the terminal to bypass and see if it runs.

    One hour spent in proper,logical diagnosis is worth more.

    I remove tanks when I have to.

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