I think I have a crush on a girl.?

I'm a boy, recently turned 16, and I think I have a crush on a certain girl... I felt like these weird feelings in my heart towards her for like several months now. I only have one class with her, and that's English... It really bothers me that I don't do anything with it, only because I don't know what to do next... I don't know her too well but she seems really really nice, she is quite nice. And beautiful. I find myself now and then looking at her as I do my work, then looking back to my notebook. It's not a problem since she sits pretty close to where I sit, I just look over to the side and back down. Referring to what I said earlier about not knowing her well, in that case she obviously doesn't know me too well either. We rarely ever talk or have some sort of social interaction...

I think that she is attracted to good singers though. I am a great singer and I am an advanced guitar player, so I think I might have the advantage. I also know that some other girl that I absolutely do not know at all has a crush on me, but I don't like her the same way so... Because I have a crush on somebody else so...

And I know according to many other girls, at school and outside school that I am pretty attractive so appearance isn't a problem, I hope it is the same with this girl though... Hope I'm handsome enough for her. I've never been able to show my guitar and singing skills at school, but if that happens it's a sure shot she will be attracted to me, reference to the physically attractive part.

Having a crush seems to me more common with girls and not boys so it would make me seem, well... I don't know. Is that normal? Anyways, can somebody help me with this and tell me what I should do? Because I don't know what to do and it makes me a bit depressed.


I don't talk to girls almost at all, all my friends are guys and I mostly hang around them but there's a certain time weekly when I happen to be around the girl I'm crushing on... And her friends. I was going to try and talk to her and tell her I like her if I could meet her when she's alone and her friends are not around, but that didn't happen because she's always around her friends. No alone time. And even if I did catch her when she's alone I realized now that I maybe I should not tell her I like her because it could just make me look like an idiot... I mean... in some occasions you don't tell a girl you like her right? Cause it could make you look like an idiot. Maybe in some occasions it will work but... Should I just tell her I like her? Can someone tell me what I should do? I'm hopeless and sad here.

Update 2:

Earlier on I wrote "I think that she is attracted to good singers though. I am a great singer and I am an advanced guitar player, so I think I might have the advantage."

Well, I realized she seems to be attracted to musicians, she seems to rather be attracted to a particular bassist who is in my class who interacts with her way too much even though she seems to be fascinated with him and the jealousy explodes inside me when she comes to hug him when she sees him, and I get pissed off inside.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You're completely normal. It's soo cute when guys have crushes on girls. Start talking to her, even about little things, and she'll probably start talking to you too. Be a gentleman, and in time, many things could happen between you two. (:

  • 7 years ago

    have you never watched tv?! there's always some boy with a crush on someone he can't get rid of, it's been normal since the first signs of non-asexual life

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