How to reply to original sender without including subsequent messages forwarded to others?

I just got an e-mail. I forwarded it to another correspondent with an added message. Now I want to reply only to the original sender, but my added message is attached to the original e-mail. I cannot reply to the sender without including my message to the person to whom I forwarded the e-mail.

I found instructions in Yahoo Mail help for deleting one message in a conversation, but the instructions are incorrect. It says to expand the message, click "more" in the toolbar, and click on "Delete message". However, there is no "Delete message" option in the "more" menu.

Besides, I don't really want to delete my added message to trash, I just want to reply to the original message without including the added message.

Also besides: in any case, if I click the reply button for the conversation, it sets up a reply to the recipient of the last communication, the one forwarded. The address of the sender of the original message is hidden. If I click on the name of the original sender, the e-mail address does not appear, nor is there a menu including "save this sender and address to contacts," "send a new message to this sender only," "view the e-mail address behind this name," or anything like that.

What a mess! What used to be normal, easy and intuitive is now impossible! And worst of all, your new help messages are incorrect, as I also found this morning trying to solve a problem with Yahoo weather. I'm dreading the changeover to the new My Yahoo!

Michael Bates

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  • 7 years ago
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    That is just how the new format works---WHEN---the "Conversation" option is turned on.

    You can easily disable that option and return your email to normal and sanity AND under your own control.

    ON YOUR MAIL PAGE-------hover over the "Gear" icon (little wheel thing, top right), and in the drop menu, click on "Settings". THEN, click on "Viewing email" (from the menu on the left) and UN-check the box next to "enable conversations".

    THEN click "SAVE".

    Disabling Conversations solves a whole lot of other oddities as well. Your emails will once again be listed separately and individually instead of bunched together in conversation grouping mode.

  • 7 years ago

    Several years ago I was working for a place that employed a staff of computer system specialists. At a meeting we were told that if you respond to an email with numerous address everyone on that list gets a copy. They also said if the email has blind addresses it some time allows the message to be sent to that blind address also - I have tried that though and have never seen it work.

    What I do now if I do not want to take a chance of a lot of others seeing the return message or make a comment to it is copy the message into word and send it rather than responding to the original!

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    6 years ago


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  • 5 years ago


    This is probably the main reason why so many people left Yahoo.... and yahoo just doesn't care

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  • 6 years ago

    This is crazy!

    Yahoo is doing its work to kick us out.

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  • 6 years ago


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