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What Breed is my Cat....?

i got a cat from a shelter and all the paper says that she's DSH short for domestic short haired cat, but i really wanna know what breed she is, her fur color is kind of blue-ish-gray-ish kind of silver-ish and her eyes are golden... i got one picture there.. please do help me.. thank you.

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  • 7 years ago

    Exactly what they said it is - a domestic shorthair - which is a cat of no breed or mix of breeds. They make up over 97% of cats on this planet. Coat is called "Blue".

    To anyone that is going to say Russian Blue, British Shorthair, Korat, Chartreux - clearly you don't have a clue about cat breeds so why are you answering questions on here? This cat looks like NONE of those breeds.

    ONCE AGAIN, with less than 3% of cats a breed and kittens most often sold ALTERED domestics are not mixed breed cats. They don't tend to have ANY breeds in their history. They are the cats that breeds came from NOT the other way around!

    Source(s): I show in TICA.
  • ruth
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    7 years ago

    She looks like a domestic shorthaired cat. They are not really a pure bred. They are basically the mutts of the world but only a feline version. I have five domestic shorthairs and could care less whether or not they are purebred. Just love your cat and she'll love you.

  • 7 years ago

    domestic short hair DSH is a breed of cat.... that means the cat is a mix of breeds and there are a ton of those so they call them DSH. there is no special breed for your cat. besides DSH

  • Ocimom
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    7 years ago

    Pretty cat but she IS a domestic shorthair - no particular breed. That IS her "breed" - domestic shorthair.

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  • 7 years ago

    looks like a russian blue The Russian Blue is a cat breed that has a silver-blue coat

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