Double date was awkward. Bf wants to do it again but I don't?

Had my first double dating experience Friday. It was really awkward since I'm shy,nervous and socially awkward & have a bit of social phobia. I agreed to go because my bf asked me too cause his friend asked and if I said no I would seem rude. But I was kinda mad because I planned for only me and him to go on this date he asked me last minute about double dating. I didn't talk much cause they talked about their friends and people they knew about I couldn't just jump I. The convo. I felt like walking out and crying because I felt so bad and awkward I felt nervous. When I think about it I feel like crying. Not being liked by them or having them tlk bad about me & them making my bf think he shouldn't be with me. Although my bf told me it was ok, i just need to do this more. But it makes me mad cause I felt pressured, my Bf enjoyed it and wants to do it again but i don't know if I feel like It. I feel like distancing myself from him. What should I do if this ever comes up again

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    7 years ago
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    If you really feel uncomfortable which I think you are since you're asking this, tell your boyfriend. It isn't being rude if this is making you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes it takes both individuals to come together and compromise, not everyone is similar and that's why you guys have to look into each other's problems. You went once and gave it a shot, but it didn't go the way you liked, at least you tried. Though I'm going to be perfectly honest, the more you do it, the more comfortable you will be, though don't pressure yourself.

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    Well talk to your bf about it nicely I mean your clearly uncomfortable and so he should know this anyways if you love him then attempt to make an advantage not to think of the people around you and just talk without carring what you say thats what j do when im in public cause honetsly I dont like talking or being around people so when they talk to me I just say whatever is the first thing to pop in my head that being said if my bf were doing something that made me uncomfortable id be caring enough to talk him it was bothering me instead of leaving him in the dark

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    I believe you should try it again. This time you should have a positive attitude about it don't be mad and try to join in the conversation or when something is funny laugh with them. You're

    Unincluding yourself by not joining in and having a good time like them. You should get to know your bf's friend it's not always going to be you too. If it goes as awful as before then it's not for you and let your bf know it's better just too.

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    Like honest I went a double date once akrward but the 3rd around it was fun. And I felt the same as you I wanted cry and hid and I hated it I said never again but now I love them

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    Get over it you're making a big deal of nothing

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