Employment, pay scheme, terms and condition changes etc?

Good afternoon and thank you to all who read this. I will try to make it as clear as possible and give as much detail as I can.

For the past 8 years I have been employed by a transport company (best not to name names). 4 years as a drivers mate and 4 as a class 2 driver. The company delivers goods, alcohol, cigarettes, food etc, to local convenience stores. Two and a half years ago the company 'merged' (the term used but essentially taken over) with another company currently in the sane line of business in a different area.

Now the time has come for the new company to enforce new terms and conditions, redundancy etc etc. during this consultation period a few matters have arisen.

As a driver we get paid allowed hours. A run is timed, by an outside firm, and we are paid what it should take. The timing should include everything we do. So, check vehicle, mileage to shop, goods delivered to shop (per pack), goods trolleys returned etc etc. Now the first question arises here. We deliver cigarettes. These are classed as security items and must be checked at the shop and any errors reported before leaving. When the initial timing was carried out many years ago, by the same outside company in fact same person, the cigarettes were not included in the timing and the report was filed as such to our management. It seems this report went 'missing' and nothing was adjusted. This was until now unknown to the drivers. The problem is if the cigarettes were not checked at store it would result in a disciplinary and possible sacking but no payment made available. Essentially working for nothing. On average around an hour+ per day spent on checking cigarettes so 250 hours per year not paid. Is there a case for reclaiming this?

The next issue is our allowed hours scheme has now been recalculated to the point where we cannot possibly hit the target. So, our new hourly rate to which all is calculated into is a false figure. For example a 4 hour drive is now paid at 3.45. This (using no excuses) encourages drivers to rush or speed to even get close. Is it legal to set up a system where the 100% mark is impossible to reach?

There are a great deal of other problems throughout the yard but they are the two major points that have arisen from my side of the company.

As you can imagine it's causing unrest throughout the yard. We have a union which isn't very good to be fair. Everyone is objecting as best they can I am just looking for further advice as employment law is a very messy area.

Clearly the company have been more than happy to ignore the findings of the outside companies report, where it suited them, but disciplining and sacking people for not doing it is a bit dodgy.

Finally, if the company has 3 depots does the pay structure have to be the same? Also, within the same yard - if one member of staff eg cleaner gets double time for Sunday can you pay an order picker single time for the same day?

Thanks in advance for any advice, help etc.

If anyone has any links to people that can help or can help please feel free to mail me at my user name here yahoo co uk

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    Phone ACAS 08457 47 47 47


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