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Did they not ignore the obvious?

I read that two men have been prosecuted for issuing many forged £10 notes. Did they not realise that any clean note would immediately be suspect. I cannot remember when I last received a currency note issued by the Bank of England which shouldn't be handled without wearing rubber gloves

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    Fortunately the number is actually four men - two brothers and their brothers in law as well!

    Nice little 'family' business!

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    Guess they skipped the Forgery 101 class at the School for Budding Criminals.

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    You must be getting money from the wrong Bank?

    I haven't seen a used note for months, they are always crisp new ones (except the occasional fiver), but then I go to the bank machines not a supermarket for my do$h?

    Supermarkets always give you tat.

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    well I get cash notes out of cash machines and they all tend to look new. so I don't think its unusual for notes to have a new look and feel to them.

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    I think so

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