Can someone explain dynasty warrior's story?

So i recently started playing the dynasty warriors games, i started with dw6 and i ave got a little bit of confusion, i was playing through zhou yu's musou mode and noticed that during the battles i had already done with ling tong previously ling tong wasn't on the battlefield and also sun ce was in charge instead of sun quan. Then i reached the end where zhou yu and sun ce ride of into the wiild leaving sun quan in charge. but after that i played lu xun's campaign and in the first battle ( also the first battle for zhou yu) sun ce dies and then sun quan is in charge. can anyone explain this am i just not seeing something or is it the zhou yu's story is a what if scenario. hope you can help, thanks

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    As per the wiki, it looks like there are indeed different results of battles with him in it; in some storylines he dies and others he doesn't. A little weird, but that's how they did it. As per the Dynasty Warriors wiki:

    "Dynasty Warriors 6 gives Sun Ce no personal story, but he plays a large supporting role in Wu's stories. He is normally seen in his conquest to claim the Wu territory, where he simultaneously severs his ties with Yuan Shu. Seeing Cao Cao occupied at Guan Du, he then aims to steal Xu Chang during the warlord's absence. Although they win the battle, Sun Ce lets his guard down and suffers a mortal wound when he is struck by three arrows from an off-screen archer. In his childhood friend's story, he lives after the battle when he listens to Zhou Yu's advice to retreat. They fight Lu Bu at Xia Pi, confront Cao Cao at Chi Bi, and beat back Shu at Jing Province. After defeating Liu Bei at Yi Ling, Sun Ce unites the land under Wu and hands leadership to Sun Quan. He leaves his home with Zhou Yu, looking to continue his life of exciting adventure. During Sun Jian's story, he fights under his father's banner and lives for all of their campaigns."

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    The Dynasty Warriors games are based somewhat loosely on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms semi-historical novel about the war between Wu, Wei, and Shu. All told, from the Yellow Turban Rebellion, through the war of the three kingdoms, and on to the metamorphosis of Wei into the Kingdom of Jin and it's ultimate victory, spans some 200 years, and many of the playable characters in the games were only actually involved in a small number (sometimes only one or two, and minor parts in those at that) of the battles for a given story, so the developers would just insert them into battles they weren't part of, but only when you are playing through the story mode as that person. And thus they take a lot of liberties.

    DW7 made the Story Mode a story for each faction and forces you to play as a particular character in each battle, making the story consistent with the book and allowing for a lot more scripted events and voice acted conversations. And to make this less painful to play through, they opened up the weaponry, so that each character can equip any two weapons (except for one male-exclusive and one female-exclusive weapon) and switch between them mid-battle at the press of a button. Not every champion is equally skilled with each weapon class (lower skill means slower attack speed and the lack of a special perk for being 3* rated with a weapon) and each champion has a weapon class that is their "EX Weapon", which has a bonus attack that can be used any time with a particular attack combination that is basically a mini-Musou attack that can be blocked.

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