Chow a insult word to Chinese?

Hello I was on Skype to a person from china and we video chat when we Finnish video chat I said chow meaning bye but he told me chow is a insult word and I insult him is that true?

I didn't know chow was a insult word to Chinese people :(

Us England people say chow a lot meaning bye

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  • 7 years ago
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    "Chow" or in this case "ciao" is a pretty similar homophone of the Mandarin cuss word 肏 ("cao", often replaced with 操 with the same pronunciation to get by censors), its use is similar to the English cuss word "Fu**". As for my opinion, it's only vulgar to the Mandarin-speaking community and even then, one has to be pretty sensitive to be offended by this. A large majority of the Chinese community are Cantonese, and some may even bear names with "Chow" such as Chow Yun-Fat, a celebrity figure from Hong Kong. So no, Chinese people won't automatically take it as an insult if you say "ciao" to them.

    If anything he's probably just messing around with you, otherwise he must be a pretty sensitive fellow.

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