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Windows 8.1 auto repair bug?

so i just got a new pc well built one and i installed 8.1 nicely but every 10 mins or so the is a sad face and it crashes i think the code was bad pool header sooooooooooooooo

i tried to repair windows but now i turn it on and its says failed to repair what do u want to do

i can either shut down or advanced options then it says try and restore of reset so then i click reset and it enter my disk and it says its invalid please help i dont mind completely wiping my drive its 8. i was up to date with updates i had bullguard


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    hi ryan

    ive investigated this problem and by all accounts this may work :

    Boot in safe mode.Go to run and type msconfig and select boot options and choose safe boot.

    First boot the OS in Safe Mode and then login and uninstall bullguard as usual from control panel.It uninstalls without the BSoD successfully.After you done that go to run from the safe mode itself to change the boot settings back to the previous startup (I think it is selective startup) Just make sure the other boot options are not selected except the selective startup :D Now you can restart the pc in normal mode and now install an antivirus which is compatible with Windows 8.I went with Avast Free Antivirus ;)

    that was on a Microsoft forum ... however I would check your hardware and bios settings and consider a complete windows reinstall ... just make sure your boot settings are set ( eg change boot order to boot from dvd/cd ) and during the reinstallation make sure you delete all existing partitions ....

    remember when you have built a pc theres more things can go wrong than if you purchased it ... so heres a few things I need you to check prior to reinstalling windows

    1) try removing one of your memory modules .... then try booting into windows( if problem persists try removing the other module and try again ) ... also were applicable make sure they are installed in the correct memory slot

    2) was the hard drive new .... if not then consider a problem with the hard drive ..... also make sure the hard drive sata cable is installed into "sata1"

    3) check all power connections especially the cpu power connector ..... and pay special attention to the front panel connectors

    ive been in your situation and you need to stand back and assess your options .... at the moment you will be angry and annoyed ..... but by sitting back you may think of something that you may of forgot ..

    in summary i would check the complete pc and ensure everything is ok ,then tomorrow morning reinstall windows and hopefully it will be fine ..( note : most windows disks including windows 8 will appear as invalid ... you need to select the telephone option and then ring Microsoft on the Freephone number ... have the activation numbers to hand which are supplied during the wizard )

    i hope this helps....

    good luck mate

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    A good registry cleaner I use is CCleaner. It's a reliable tool to get rid of worms, trojams, malwares and viruses that affect your pc performances. Free download here

    It works very well.

    Hope it helps.

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