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This is such a weird question,HAIR PROBLEMS?

I'm 15 years old I have mousey coloured hair just past my boobs,I've never dyed my hair before. I used to have layers but they've grown out now! Anyways my hair looks greasy most of the time,like say if I just get out the shower,blow dry it then straighten it,after about 10 minutes it goes flat at the top and looks greasy,it's the same with the weather,if it's windy it goes greasy too:( and when it's windy or if I haven't brushed it in like an hour it goes in chunks if you get me,my hairs not even that thick either,my hairs always flying everywhere in the weather too,my parting always becomes defined and I hate my parting, I practically live off dry shampoo but that doesn't work much,I'm constantly paranoid about how my hair looks:( I can't have my hair up because I have one ear and I don't want people staring at me,and it doesn't really go up anyways,it just drops out! also I wash my hair every night with tee tree shampoo,please someone help me!

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    Dear, washing your hair everyday will strip off its natural oil, which will lead to even rapid oil producing on your scalp because it's dried out. Try to wash your hair the every other day, and use talcum powder on your scalp between washes. The talcum powder will absorb the greasiness in your hair. Just put some on your scalp and comb it down. Also maybe try another shampoo for greasy hair. And comb your hair everyday because it distributes the oil throughout your hair so the oil won't pile up just on the scalp. Good luck! :)

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