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Can anyone analyze the poem Declaration by Bei Dao?(Structure analysis etc..)?


for Yu Luoke

Perhaps the final hour is come

I have left no testament

Only a pen, for my mother

I am no hero

In an age without heroes

I just want to be a man

The still horizon

Divides the ranks of the living and the dead

I can only choose the sky

I will not kneel on the ground

Allowing the executioners to look tall

The better to obstruct the wind of freedom

From star-like bullet holes shall flow

A blood-red dawn

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    Death is nearing for him and he has not prepared a last will and testament. The only thing that he will leave behind is a pen for his mother. When he dies it is freedom for him but he sees killings when he goes.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Dao Last Will And Testament

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