How to backtrack after saying something weird to a guy?

Basically, me and this guy have met a few times not on purpose at events and had soo much fun.

He lives quite far away but we were talking over Twitter and he seemed proper interested in coming to see me. We aaaalways act a bit weird to each other which is why it's so funny, but now I'm worried I've said something too weird because he hasn't spoken to me since.

It was nothing offensive, literally just banter but a bit weirder than what we'd been saying before. He's light-hearted (the most light-hearted person i've ever met) so i'm sure it wouldn't have fased him at all.

I really wanna see him again. What do I do?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Be yourself, don't apologise,He's playing" king of the castle".Blow him away by playing the same game , be frivoious humouous,happy and unapologetic,! He'll feel wrongfooted and be dumbfounded with your lack of remorse. You'll win round one.

  • 7 years ago

    say him that you were joking and dont take it seriously or so..if it doesnt work then just ask him if he is hurt..and apologize if he is..tell him that you never meant to say something offensive or so.

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