Citroen c2 spark plug lifted?

Hi, my girlfriend has a c2 we have had since new. It's now 6 year old and has 30k on the clock. Whilst driving home from work she broke down. Rac came out and said the spark plug had loosened and ruined the thread on the cylinder head.

Now, firstly has anyone else experienced this on this model? The consensus of independent mechanics and the rac man is that spark plugs don't come loose, if anything they get tighter with age.

The car is serviced every year with the mot but seems this is only an interim service that doesn't include plug replacement. So, basically the plugs have never been touched never mind removed.

Can anyone offer an opinion how this could possibly have happened. Is there something that could go wrong somewhere else in the car to cause this.

For the people who insist on detrimental answer I will concede the car is poo and I wouldn't buy another etc etc thanks for response etc.

Also, does anyone know if a helicoil is an option on this car. If so can it be done without removing the head?

Thanks for responses.

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  • 7 years ago
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    It has not been tightened properly at some stage and over time has loosened. As said they usually seize in place, to strip the thread though it has been loose for a very long time probably.

    There are repair kits available on Fleabay like this one, but have a proper look as that is just the first one I found.

  • 7 years ago

    plugs always get tighter with age unless left slightly 'loose' . doubtful its original plug as despite mileage plugs ought to get renewed every 2 years at least as part of a normal service routine.

    so it would seen unlikely they have as asserted 'never been changed' if we have had car serviced.

    plugs left untightened to correct torque can and do work loose over time due to firing pressures on plug and vibration of engine .

    result will be stripped thread at some point.

    yes can be helicoil repair both off and on car but off is best .On carries risks of debris etc being carried into firing chamber but is a common repair carried out by some garages.

    no other way plug will come loose especially after such a long time.

    Source(s): 35 years testing engines for a living.
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