Question about Katy Perry?

Kind of weird, since I actually usually don't listen to much mainstream music(I am more into supporting new musicians for whatever reason).

Anyways, a few days ago I heard Roar on the news, and didn't listen to the name of the artist, but really liked the song. Then later that day I ended up finding a cover of Roar completely by accident and then noticed the name Katy Perry, for whatever reason I can't remember which artist that is.

Then again, about 2 hours ago, I heard another of Katy Perry's songs when I changed the channel by accident, when my mom commented saying something sort of negative, I decided to act stupid and ask who Katy Perry is. Anyways, she told me that Katy Perry is an ex-Catholic bisexual homosexual and she is bad. I could care less about the Catholic part, but I think the homosexual part had the opposite effect of what my mom expected, and I became a bit more interested(I sort of support LGBT since I consider myself so be closer to a female than more born gender of male, though my parents don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if they suspect I am gay or something since it seems like everyone thinks I am gay).

Anyways, it is pretty obvious my family is very much against everything LGBT, so that really scares me when it comes to my own issues.

But for whatever reason, I really really like Katy Perry's music. So just wondering are my parents right that she is a bad person or whatever? I really don't care but I am worried a family member will see my youtube account where I clearly listen to music like that(weird thing though, most of my favorite artist either are part of LGBT, or support it in some way).


Wait, she sang "I kissed a girl"? Well, that explains a bit. The youth group I went to before it died out was always saying she is bad then, like they would let us listen to music there, but anything like Katy Perry's music wasn't allowed for whatever reason.

The leader person pretty much said that we don't understand the meaning of "I kissed a girl", which looking back at it, I find that is a stupid thing to say. Because the song might mean something different for different people, like how Nine Inch Nails wrote "Hurt" as a song about a teen, then Johnny Cash covered it as a song about an old man looking back at his life.\

Anyways, I doubt my parents will let me buy any of Katy Perry's music(they have control of iTunes so I understand that part, even my brother joined in saying bad stuff about the music I listen too, don't think they realized Lecrae is a Christian). So, going to stick with youtube for now.

Also, Fireworks does s

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    We're discussing Somebodies MUSIC Here- NOT Their Politics !! :o Katy Perry is a Good Singer- who's a Nice Person, is very Popular, and totally harmless -at Worst ! There's no law against Liking Her or her music, & She's NOT trying to sell Anyone a "bill of Goods" ! So if You enjoy Her songs- then GO for it ! What Other people "Believe"- is THEIR Business. What YOU Enjoy- is Yours !! :)

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    Hi Matthew: I think Katy Perry is a great singer. She looks a little odd to me but it is a distinctive look. I like the song fireworks, pretty sure it alludes to sex.

    But yes, mom comments is distrubing when you think about your own future. Maybe you can draw her out on this topic, like, her music sounds good, is it bad to like music if it was performed by a homosexual? or, what is about Kay Perry that seems bad to you? Katy Perry is pretty mainsteam, she is on all the pop stations and even on a wal mart commercial. Now I am not saying you just automatically adopt anything or person that the pop culture likes, but, since she is a big part of the culture that means she is widely accepted and that means your mom's view is different and so you do have a real reason for quizzing her about it, without giving away your inner uncertainties.

    As you say, it is possible that she or dad suspects, but I doubt they would ever bring it up, they wil wait and see what you do.

    God bless you


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    Katy Perry is amazing. She's actually christian, but I could be wrong. She's just like every other girl out there having fun. Yes one of her songs were 'I Kissed a Girl' and she probably has, but she's never been known for having a relationship with one. I get how your parents opinons are important, but it's your damn music and if you like it, listen to whatever the hell you want perspective at least... I watched her biography, a movie about her actually and she's one of the most sweetest, most generous and caring person. She'd do anything for her fans and the people she loves. She is independent, drop dead gorgeous and hilarious. She's got the whole package...haha, I hope I could help you hun! :) (really should check her out though)

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    Have your parents ever heard of humour? Katy Perry is not a bisexual. She was having fun with a song. She is a Christian and she is talented because she writes her own music and she plays piano. Also, she does not use autotune. That puts her miles ahead of most pop singers with a few exceptions like Avril Lavigne, Lady GaGa, and Bruno Mars who all have the dignity to write their own music, play an instrument, and not use autotune.

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    Katy Perry is not a bad person at all. She is like a mix of Lady Gags and Miley Cyrus but nicer. She likes being herself and she cares about other people. She is also very down to earth

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    I personally love katy perry... like when you listen to her songs you can really connect... also i suggest you hear "fireworks" by her... its theme is about being yourself... she seems really sweet to me... and so what if she's homosexual (I dont think she is though)?? doesn"t mean she does crappy music.. it helped her actually.. I love "I kissed a girl" and so do a lot of people i know... most of her songs are truly helpful... listen to few and they may help you... :)

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    Well shes a singer obv. and people call her ''fake'' for her hair , and stuff, but shes really nice (: and her songs are really cool

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    Strange, sorry I don't know

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