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an innocent question of mine was reported and i got a violation, i appealed but have not heard any news?

i can't believe it , i really don't know whats happening....i asked a question days ago - '' does the uk have a history of having tornadoes '' ?

a perfectly ok question, someone reported me and i got the question removed, i lost ten points and i got a violation ......i appealed it right away, monday night i sent the appeal after midnight.

but ive not heard any news on whether ive won the appeal or not ? does anyone know what i can do ?

i feel helpless and targeted, i feel cheated as there was nothing wrong with my question and i paid the price for asking an innocent question .

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    When that happened to me last week i used the alternate appeal link and appealed again and heard back the next day.

    You should wait a few more days first.

    This is the link.

    - choose "Answers" for the product

    - choose "Appeals" for the category

    - then choose "appeal deletion of a question" even if an answer.

    - Fill in text in the "Briefly tell us how we can help" e.g "I want to appeal"

    Then you get an "Email a Support Agent " box where you can submit details of the appeal you wish to make.<<<Be sure to include the appeal link at the bottom of the inital violation email.

    You will get an incedent number in an email.

    This is a cache of your question

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    Unless you added something in the details which violated community guidelines sounds very innocuous and was worth appealing however.Response time seems to vary, I've had replies In less than an hour other times a week which leads me to believe it could depend on the workload; sometimes I've never heard back which would indicate there is a periodic glitch and my appeal has been lost All you can do is wait.

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