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I'm in a creative writing class and our assignment is to write a short story. It needs to be between 6 and 20 pages. I'm having two major problems with this assignment, the first being that I can't think of an idea. I'm leaning towards the horror genre but I can't think of an actual story. The other problem is I don't know how to end the story in 20 pages. Usually when I write it drags on and gets gross when it started out good. Can you help me think of a story and a way to end it? Thanks !

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  • 7 years ago
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    If you want to write horror then maybe thinking about what scares you is good place to start. I recently wrote a story about puppets because they really scare me (the old, ventriloquist kind) And because I read some thing by fraud about the "fear of the canny" Which is about being scared of things that are familiar. Do a spider diagram of what scares you and work from there to build on an idea?

    Writing stories is about planning and discipline. You want to start the story right in the action and avoid subplots. Maybe the best way if you are still struggling to keep it under 20 pages is to write it and then when you read it back keep asking yourself if what you have written is relevant to moving the story forward. If it's not you can probably take it out.

    Alternatively you can talk to your teacher? Surly the point of a creative writing class is to teach you these kinds of things.

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    1. Your first draft isn't going to be awesome. This is a fact. Truth. Period. Learn to embrace the the suckage of your first draft. Second draft is going to be better. Third draft will be pretty awesome. Fourth draft is going to show how much you've changed from your original first. Fifth...and so on. It's a creative writing class, not a course about how to publish your stories on your first try. You'll probably not get to a fifth draft. Maybe not even a second draft. But that's what creative writing is about. It's about getting the ideas down before you move on to the editing.

    2. Classic case of writer's block. You are not alone. Have you ever NaNoWriMo? It's National Novel Writing Month. You spent a month marathon writing a novel. It's pretty fun. You should check it out. And it's free.

    3. Ideas...well, I can give you some ideas that you could build off of...

    >There's a boy and a girl in a little canoe with the moon shining peacefully on the lake. A bullfrog watch the two sit in the boat while the boy paddles. The boat smoothly travels across the water and doesn't even make a sound. Then out of no where, the boat tips over, and the boy and girl topple into the water with a splash. The next day, a search party lands at the lake but they find nothing except a broken piece of wood that used to be part of a paddle. The way it's been broken off is weird...and are those marks along the sides look like they could have been made by some huge claws.

    >There was a kid who one day aspired to be a magician. Then he grew up. The FBI have been holding a file for years containing slivers of information about an intense criminal who is far from being caught but always leaves behind a marker in the form of a button. No two buttons are the same. Some are large and colorful. Others are quite small, almost bead-like. The bigger the crime, the showier the button. And then a huge phenomenon has occurred which grabs the attention of the media all over the world. And the only evidence the criminal or criminals left behind was a black button. Only problem is, that the criminal the FBI has been tracking claims he/she didn't do it. A second phenomenon occurs and it's even more devastating than the first. The real Button Criminal is furious.

    >A young man didn't believe in ghosts until he actually saw one a year ago. He thought he was just hallucinating. Now, he sees them every day. They are relatively peaceful creatures, he let's them mind their own business. Until one day, they start possessing people.

    >What are you talking about? Dolls aren't alive. Oh yes they are.

    >If you picked up a camera one day and took a picture...and then found yourself inside the world of that which you saw in the would you get out? Or could you? [Inspired by

    Youtube thumbnail


    >I'm a psychopath. Not that I'd actually admit that out loud. I can feel myself getting closer and closer to losing my mind each day. Help me plea--

    Wanna k-know what m-my faaaaavoriTE colorrrrr is? iT's nOt RrrrrrEeeeD! Wanna see? WANNA SEE??? no? Oh. i'll sHow you anyWaY! eh...say that again?

    WHAT DID YOU SAY??!!??!!

    >I know I'm a bit clumsy and I'm just starting high school, but I met this nice girl a few weeks ago. We're now best friends. She says she's an assassin. Haha! Isn't that funny? What? Of course I believe her!! I'm not dumb ya know. Okay, so my IQ scores aren't exactly the greatest but if anything, I am a good judge of character. Just because she's an assassin, that doesn't mean we still can't be friends, right?

    4. And, that's all I've got off the top of my head for now. Use the Dare Machine:

    5. Use a different story generator.

    6. Outline your story so you know where you're headed. It'll be easier to end/conclude.

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