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Can Nicola Sturgeon be really serious? Another Scottish question?

At the annual gathering of the Scottish National Party faithful.Nicola Sturgeon made the sweeping statement that if Scotland votes for independence the Scottish National Party will reduce Scottish fuel bills by 5%.

This would be achieved by a £230/250 million pound grant from the European Union.

Now when you place this statement under the microscope certain questions have to be raised. Surely there must be honesty in the political party conferences?

Now to Bob's questions.

1.Sturgeon has not stated in her address when the reduction will take place.Will it be immediately on independence,2015,2018,2020 2025, When? Surely this part ought to have been included in her speech!

2.How can Sturgeon make such a statement when Scotland has not been accepted as a member of the European Union?

3.Have the Scottish National Party applied for this £230/250 million grant and has it been accepted?

4.Should Northern Irish,Welsh,English,French,German,French,Italian tax payers subsidise Scotland's fuel bills when in Northern Ireland, Welsh and English pensioners and one parent families are suffering from fuel poverty?

5.Or is this another of those Scottish National Party wild claims to get votes like the one they when they said that they would automatically be able to join the European Union upon independence?


Edit. Would Beastie,Andrew87 or Firetrap put forward explanations or excuses to Sturgeon's statement.

Update 2:

Wessex,you are correct in your reply. This political address by Sturgeon is nothing more than wild political rhetoric of the worst kind and is yet another of those misleading political party massaging of facts which the Scottish National Party have become world famous.

Update 3:

Firetrap. Nicola Sturgeon did say that she would obtain he money from the European Union.

Question 4. Does make sense. Should Northern Irish, Welsh and English taxpayers pay for Scotland's fuel reduction bills,? I take Firetrap that you have not found a credible reply.

Update 4:

Firetrap, When will you answer my question instead of dancing around all over the place? Did Sturgeon state when will these 5% reductions be introduced?

Update 5:

Firetrap, When will you answer my question instead of dancing around all over the place? Did Sturgeon state when will these 5% reductions be introduced?

Update 6:

Patric, I fully agree with you. Politicians ought to be straight with the people.

Update 7:

Myrtel, I agree with you 100%.Salmond is a Labour Party reject. What is the old saying. 'A leopard never changes it's spots.

Update 8:

Myrtel, I agree with you 100%.Salmond is a Labour Party reject. What is the old saying. 'A leopard never changes it's spots.

Update 9:

Lord Blimey. you have again taken Firetrap to task. I notice that not once has he challenged you on your accuracy.

Since you accused Beastie,Firetrap and Andrew 87 of being the same person.I cannot but notice like others that Andrew 87 has gone silent.Why? I wonder.

Update 10:

Firetrap. you are a prime example of the bankruptcy of Scottish Nationalism. I stand by every word I have written.

Salmond has said that he intends to apply for European Union membership. Lord Blimey is correct.

A word to the wise Firetrap. You are making yourself look silly in making a juvenile attempt to discredit Lord Blimey and myself.

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    You make a fair point again Robert and all Firestarter can do is hate. To answer question number 4 for firestarter it should be the Scottish tax payer firestarter because that's what independence MEANS. The SNP want to have their cake and eat it. They want the benefits of union and be independent the pound but if they keep itthe Bank of England sets the interest rates. They can't automatically join the EU they've been told this by Brussels they must reapply but France and Spain may block them. His opt outs on the EU the SNP have been told by Brussels will make negotiations difficult like not joining the Euro. Now we come to dual citizenship Salmond wants independence with basically free moevement at the border no passports. He must be joking Westminster and Brussels have said border controls are required. I'm not having no border control with SNPs liberal immigration policy. Salmond can't erase 300 hundred years over night its a mess!!

    Firestarter are you facing issues with EU membership?

    Has Mr Quadras vice president of the European parliament over border control stated the SNP were lying to the Scottish people ?

    Has your country if it goes independent threatened to block the North Sea from EU members fishing boats unless a favourable deal can be struck?

    Am I lying firestarter?

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    It's a good question, insofar as I know, Scotland would have to apply for membership of the EU, and with that of course comes a cost. Acceptance is by no means automatic, and Scotland would also have to renegotiate its arrangements re Oil et al, because membership is all encompassing.

    I do not know how the Scot's will vote, but I really hope that both the pro and anti lobby's start using facts, based upon what exists and not what they would like to exist. It is unfair to those in Scotland who have as yet not made up their minds in what will be an historical and perhaps life changing vote.

    The Politicians must be straight across the board, and not embellish for the sake of the argument.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It is interesting that her saving of 5% comes from the removal of green taxes ( so much for saving the planet then under the SNP therefore ) .

    She makes no attempt to suggest that the Energy companies make "excess" profits etc.So is she simply being honest -- that there is actually little substance in the argument of these companies making significant "excess" profits , or is she simply being naive ?.

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    That's not what she said, in fact you made up quite a bit of fiction in those rambles.

    Why are you incapable of direct quotes? why do you add your own bit in? She never mentioned the EU at any time, so why are you mentioning them? why have you added the EU into it? why? are you imagining this?

    She said it would be achieved by removing "green charges", nothing to do with the EU, when does the EU come into it? when did she mention the EU and energy reductions in the same sentence?

    "Nicola Sturgeon told the SNP's conference in Perth the reduction of about £70 would be achieved by removing a number of "green" charges"

    Point 4 doesn't make sense

    Edit: Point 4 does not make sense, you seem to have missed out words in what lie you are trying to spin.

    Sturgeon said no such thing, the BBC seem to agree with me (Provided in Link, which you'll of course ignore), stop lieing, your embarrassing yourself, its actually quite pathetic the way you are behaving when proved with what she actually said, you are still in denial, begs the question why are you going to such lengths??? Until you admit your lies and quote her directly with a source, which you won't then you are just proving my point for me.

    You've been caught out, grow up, admit it, move on

    @Lone Wolf AKA Lord Blimey that's the very reason it doesn't make sense. If Scotland votes Yes then its Scotland's problem and Scotland's problem alone, whats so hard to understand about that. I'm done with you now i've realised who you are, the troll Lord Blimey.

    @ Troll - Ok i'll bite............... who said Scotland wants to join the EU, are you mistaking SNP policy as a result of a yes vote, what if labour get into government? Yes you are lying, The EU have said to get clarity on the issue its up to the UK Government to ask the question, they refuse to ask the question to get clarity on the issue, therefore no definitive position has been adopted yet FACT. If Scotland isn't in the EU, why would EU fishing boats be in Scottish waters? if the EU want Scottish waters, then they aren't going to get them as easy as the UK gave them up. as you've said we can hold them to ransom, thats a GOOD THING!!! We are out of the EU or hold them to ransom, WIN WIN situation!! Strange you think that is a bad thing?

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    7 years ago

    I was a follower of Salmond - thinking he was different. But now all we get is the same all claptrap and lies and bullshit. Sturgeon is the same - how the hell can she stand in front of a devoted audience and disrespect them so. ????

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Not gonna happen.

    Source(s): There's not a shred of evidence to suggest that Scottish independence will ever happen so relax
  • Wessex
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    7 years ago

    It's just another day for the Soviet Socialist Republic of Scotland.......

    Their economy will be ruined soon enough, and they'll be begging for help in no time....!

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