How much ought I pay for a builder per day?

I am having my bathroom refitted, old suite taken out, new suite installed, old tiles removed, retiling carried out, fitting of radiator rail, laying of new tile flooring and installation of false ceiling with sunken lights. Builder has quoted me £1800 for doing this over 2 weeks. Speaking to work colleague whose husband was a builder she said that is way too high and told me how she had her kitchen stripped out and a new one installed for £500. I thought the price I was quoted was reasonable. I had three quotes, asked for references, asked to see pictures of previous works and this chap seemed the most reasonable. Now I am wondering if my colleague is right and I am in the danger of being overcharged. Any feedback or answers appreciated.

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  • 7 years ago
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    if you go to a kitchen outfit and ask how much it will cost to have a kitchen removed and a new one fitted and the answer will be close to what a new kitchen cost !..£500 is not even close a builder ..i pay my labourers £100 a day ..what your man has to do is show a variety of skills ..i would not do it for that cost have not been robbed

  • 7 years ago

    Over a two week period or rather 10 working days that is not an unreasonable quote, particularly if he has to provide additional materials as well. He may even have to have a mate in on a couple of days to help as well. Tiling in a bathroom in not a quick job either and some of the work is time consuming.

    Good tradesmen can charge anything from 70 to 150 a day depending on skill level. Some will also work from 8 till 5 as well and offer excellent value.

    500 to do a kitchen is a fairly low rate, and it might have been a simply small kitchen or it might have been mate's rates if her husband was a builder. Try asking her why her husband did not fit the kitchen?

    I had someone do my kitchen and he worked on a day rate and was skilled and fair and he charge 100 a day and from start to finish and all in it was 800.

    Your guy has provided evidence of work which shows confidence.

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    7 years ago

    most builders charge 120 to 150 for skilled and 90 to 120 for labourers

    Source(s): just had some work done
  • 7 years ago

    £500?, she must be one of those people on homes under the hammer! There is no way you would even get anything like a decent job for that much! 1800 sounds very low as well, for a bathroom you really need a plumber n ot a builder

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    7 years ago

    I,m in Canada.Does this price cover the materials?Without seeing the job I,m thinking Your Friend may have had a totally different project.Each is different and the price will differ.500 pounds is nothing in Canada.Can,t buy a Doghouse for that kind of money.I,m thinking that's about $2,700 CDN which is fair for a skilled Tradesman plus materials.I,m thinking the Mans prices are reasonable and You should ask around a bit more before turning Him down.Your Friends prices are totally out of line .No way I would do all that work plus Materials for only 500 pounds.

    Source(s): It,s what I do.
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