How to make a reverse video via Windows Movie Maker?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Movie Maker won't reverse video. If you have a clip you need to reverse, you'll have to use another program to do it. When I was using Movie Maker 6.0 (the Vista version) consistently, I used either the K-5 Reversal Tool or Xander's Reversal Tool. They both do a good job. The only difference between them is that the K-5 program has 2 options for the sound (Mute and Reverse) and Xander's has 3 audio options (Mute, Reverse, stays the same).

    (It's "K-5" because it was created to be used in elementary schools. This is how I knew I could use it successfully:-)

    At the time I downloaded and installed them (3 years ago), they were both clean and safe. Since a lot of freeware is now bundled with utilities (search engines, toolbars, proxy servers, etc.), it's good to pay attention to each page during installation. If there's both a regular or express and a custom install, use the custom install (because this is often where any hidden goodies are going to be hiding). Neither program has viruses or other malware.

  • 7 years ago

    Unfortunately this is not possible in Windows Movie Maker.

    However, if you are willing to use another free movie editing software, Videopad (

    Once you have added the clip you wish to edit, go to the 'Effects' tab and apply the the 'speed' effect. It has an option to reverse the clip.

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    Reverse Video Windows Movie Maker

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    You can't. Try Videopad. Or take a snapshot of each frame and reverse order it.

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