I have bt infinity and need help port forwarding?

I want to port forward my xbox, but there is 5 different xbox 360's available, how do I find what one is mine

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  • 6 years ago
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    To get Port Forwarding working most reliably, you should set the Xbox on a static IP address on your private network. By default, the BT Infinity Home Hub will automatically allocate addresses between and; however, it is possible to configure the router with different address settings.

    Set the Xbox on a specific address 192.168.1.n where n is either between 1 and 63 or 238 to 252.

    Then set up port forwarding to forward to the address you have set up. When you come to identify the device that you are forwarding to within the router, you will find a "user defined" option at the end of the device list. Enter the full numeric address of the device in the router's configuration.

    If you are setting up a port forward configuration for an application or game that is not already listed in the router's list of applications, use the option to create a new application to define the application/game name and the port it is using. You have to do this before you can define the actual port forward statement.

    I hope this helps.

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    6 years ago

    You will need to find the MAC address on your XBox to identify it...


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