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What can a sociopath only feel?

Well in people like this it usually says that they are selfish, angry, hateful

and lack of other emotions

Is it possible that they could or at least only a few, ever have feelings for someone or love towards a woman or man? Even though they are the way they are

Or does love really never existed to someone like that?

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    First of all, there are huge misconceptions of what a sociopath is. A sociopath does have a lack of empathy, but because they have become blocked in their ability to connect with people, or to love. This is because love reawakens their basic fear of being controlled, and power is the most important thing to a sociopath.

    What ends up happening is that they are only able to show empathy to those they care about, yet these emotions are still quite primitive to the way a normal person may feel. They may understand certain emotions, but not exactly feel it, as those emotions are too complex and become filtered to more basic emotions.

    Here is a list of emotions they may feel:

    Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy, Disgust, Trust, Anticipation and Surprise.

    Now you probably think that's a lot, but in reality they are missing out on a lot. Feelings like annoyance and rage are simply filtered as anger. Feelings like loathing and even boredom are simply filtered as disgust. A sociopath doesn't feel grief, instead he gets sad. A sociopath may feel fear, but not terror - big difference. Imagine ever being amazed, or distracted - all the sociopath will see is surprise. A sociopath may show anticipation but not interest or vigilance. He will not feel serenity or ecstasy, but simply joy. His version of admiring and accepting someone is simply through trusting them.

    And whilst normal people can have a range complex emotions happening simultaneously, a sociopath can only have the basic combinations. So their version of love is not the same as yours. Their version of love is joy and trust. If they trust you and enjoy being with you, then they love you so to speak. And they can be sad and feel disgust, but it is not the same as feeling remorse, so they may not learn from previous mistakes.

    Basically, you are dealing with a person who has a smaller set of emotions than the average human being. In fact, I'd work it out to be that average humans has 4 times more possible emotions than a sociopath does. This does not mean you cannot have a loving relationship with them, or that they cannot have one with you. But not everyone is cut out for a person like this, and so they will love you so much so if they trust you and you are fun to be with. And this is generally why many relationships with sociopaths are not maintained, as in times when that trust is broken, or attraction has died down, sociopaths are likely to leave.

    Source(s): I am a sociopath.
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    Do Sociopaths Have Feelings

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    What can a sociopath only feel?

    Well in people like this it usually says that they are selfish, angry, hateful

    and lack of other emotions

    Is it possible that they could or at least only a few, ever have feelings for someone or love towards a woman or man? Even though they are the way they are

    Or does love really never existed...

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    Do Sociopaths Have Emotions

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    Sociopaths only feel anger, shame, fear etc

    But the main symptom is not having a conscience. Without a conscience one cannot love.

    They are selfish or better put narcissistic in their selfishness. They don't care about people... Mint if it benefits them. It's not that they set out to hurt you. It's just if they can gain in some way they won't even consider or care about whether it hurts you or not and when you bring it to their attention they feel no guilt or regrets and a lot of times you'll be able to tell they aren't sorry

    They only think about themselves really. They do what suits them with no regards as to how it effects others. It's not about hurting you they are gaining something. They aren't sadistic necessarily because it's not the hurting you that they enjoy

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    I am diagnosed by three different psychiatrists and one therapist having Antisocial Personality Disorder. I suffer from all the cliche bullshit you read about online. High IQ. Troubled past, prison two times before the age of thirty, violence and so on. The point being, a true sociopath. I must say Denton explains the feelings I have felt real well. I have never seen the emotions I can feel written in words. His description comes very close to what I have felt in my life. Mostly I only feel anger. As a child I felt a lot of jealousy. If its a feeling... But Denton describes it really well.

    I have never felt love. I have pretended to feel love twice. But there is honestly emptiness when it comes to love. "Nothin". As I said, most of the time I feel nothing, when I feel I feel anger. All other emotions are surface emotions. Lies I lie to myself and other people.

    Well done Denton. As a true Sociopath I accept his description on how I feel when I feel whatever stupid emotions I can feel.

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    Somebody better wise you up about the world. I have been tricked many sociopath. Those definitions were written a hundred years ago. Today socipaths are adept liars. They usually end up politics, police departments, CEO s, and sales people.

    In the modern world they lie, manipulate people to get what they want.

    Example. I once took a class where a girl realized that the teacher was gay. She then pretended to be gay hoping to get better grades. Sociopath lie about their life.

    I m middle class. I have a mother who was an orphan. I have never met another orphan. But I do.

    It s nothing to be proud of. It s sad. Yet our family is very close. We love our mother very much.

    Caring isn t one of the strong suits of sociopaths.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    lol ... 65% of the above feelings apply to me , does this make me a future sociopath ? I tell u what ... sociopath is the one who couldn't resist all this feelings together and couldn't be accepted by community so he seeks revenge and thats it .. ! I hope I am not in my late stages of turning to a sociopath Cheers Bro

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    @Denton answer is perfect. And I thank him for it because I have been looking online for an accurate interpretation for what I experience but all I could find were horrible accusations about me being manipulative, a user, and without a conscience. I have a conscience. It's just that everyone else's perception of what a conscience is, is flawed. A conscience is not a voice in your head that tells you to act like others act. The conscience is your own voice telling you right from wrong. Just because my voice doesn't make it imperative that I over exaggerate the emotions that I'm taught to have doesn't mean that I don't have my own code. SO first, I wanted to address that. I do have a conscience and she is brilliant and motivating.

    My mother always tells me how when I was an infant, I rarely ever cried. She told me that she used to leave me in a room alone to watch my behavior, and I'd just stare and smile. She could sit me in front of a blank tv screen, and I could entertain myself. In all articles I've read about sociopaths, it says that we're unable to think about as much as others do, and to that I say, do I look like chopped liver. I have thoughts. Just because I don;t waste my thoughts on being some kind of way for other people, does not mean that the only thing I can think about is how to gain trust and sabotage. In my spare time I think of stories, and places, and ideas, and how to be GREAT.

    As I've gotten older, I observed, and yes I learned to mimic emotions, but only because I so badly wanted to fit in. I'm glad that I did it though because it taught me to understand. Just because I had to mimic the emotion does not mean that I don't know what it is. I may not be able to feel annoyance before anger, but I do know what annoyance is. I may not be able to experience the grief of loss, but I have seen it and it makes me sad. I may not be able to feel ecstasy after joy, but I know how it's supposed to make you react. I may not be able to love anyone other than myself and my family, but I know how to trust who deserves to be trusted and to give back to them what they give to me. I feel everything that is necessary, so how does that make me flawed or ill in the head? Are my simple feelings really so horrible compared to your 'normal emotions'?

    I am empathetic, because I made it a goal to be that way. At a young age I knew that I wouldn't be accepted the way that I wanted to be, so I learned to be how everyone else wanted me to be. I don't like being that way. It's the trying to change that makes a sociopath into a sociopath instead of just a being who was born knowing that there is more to this existence than our emotions.

    Source(s): The mind of a girl who would be categorized as a sociopath.
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    They cannot feel,express, or show love..they are incapable. They can fake it for a certain period of time ... Because they see how other people act and mirror that behavior. However though...they cannot keep up the persona for long without letting their true selves come to light... Because it is only an act.

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