Unicom is a ****** telecom?


I have a shop. My phone line hasnt been working since Monday. Therefore the card machine and alarm system arent working.

I called my line provider (unicom) and informed about the fault. They came next day and was working on it. They couldnt fix the fault. They said the fault isnt on the shop. It is on the local network. They said they will come next day and fix it. But next day nobody came so I called them. They said they will fix it on that day but they havent done it so.

I called again and they told me local engineers will fix it but they havent done it

Today is Saturday and their office is closed.

I dont know what to do. I lost a lot of money because of that. Most customer pay by card

It makes me so angry. Also I have to sleep in the shop becayse the alarm system isnt working.

Can I take any legal action or so?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sue them for your losses.

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