What is your dream family?

How many kids? Names? Personalities? What do they like to do? Hair color & eye color? Birthday? Ages? Clothing/Shoe sizes? Pets? Just as much info as you would like :)


I would love 5 kids :) 2 boys and 3 girls :)

❤ Owen Connor - 7 years old - July 13 - Owen is handsome/cute, tough and kind :) He is funny and loves playing with his little brother and sisters :)

Dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, kind of short for his age. Wears size 6-7 clothing :) Shoes are a size 13-1 :)

❤ Leah Elizabeth - 5 years old - July 28 - Leah is pretty/cute, loud and can be abit crazy :) She loves playing dress up and helping with the baby :)

Blonde hair, hazel eyes, also kind of short for her age. Wears size 4-5 clothing :) Shoes are a size 10-11 :)

❤ Jacob Anthony - 3 years old - August 4 - Jacob is handsome/cute, can be stubborn and loves cuddling :) He loves playing with his big brother and being sneaky :)

Dirty blondish hair like his brother, hazel eyes, kind of short for his age as well :) Wears size 2-3. Shoes are a size 8

❤ Alexis Faith - 15 months old - August 17 - Alexis is pretty/cute, she is wild, loud and funny :) She loves just being crazy and playing with her big sister :)

Blonde hair like her sister, brown eyes, short as well for her age. Wears size 12 mons and some 9 mons sleepers :) Shoes are a size 5 :)

❤ Isabella Grace - 3 months old - August 30 - Isabella is the baby, she is pretty/cute, she is a very active and outgoing baby :) She loves being held and cuddling :)

Blonde hair, hazel eyes, small baby. Wears size 0-3 mons and shoe size is a 1 :)

We don't have any pets as there are alot of children and throwing pets into the mix probably wouldn't be a good idea :)

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    8 years ago
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    I've always wanted a lot of children so if I could I would have 9 children 3 then a set of sextuplets ( I know the chances are slim but this is just my ideal family)

    ❤ Ronan Channing- 11 years old- December 4- brown hair and Blue eyes- he has a very good sense of humour and loves cuddling and singing as well. He is the eldest of all the children and an amazing big brother and helper. He loves to spend time with his younger brother Luca and looking after him. The get along very well.

    ❤ Luca Cruz- 8 years old- November 27- dirty blonde hair an Hazel eyes- Luca is the artist if the family and loves to draw any time he can. He's a bit quiet to compare with his other siblings.He loves his big brother Ronan and they are best friends.

    ❤ savannah Jane-6 years old-april 13- long wavy brown hair nearly up to her waist and blue eyes- savannah is a very beautiful little girl who loves to dance and perform all the time she is very girly and loves to shop. She's a model in the making with her prettiness ad love to pose for the cameras. Unlike her elder brothers she prefers to spend more time with her mum or on her own that with her siblings.

    ❤ Emilia (Mia) Taylor- 3 years old- July 30-long brown hair and brown eyes- Mia is the eldest of the sextuplets and she likes to use that against her siblings. Even though shes a bit bossy and a diva she is a very sweet little girl who loves hugs and is a big daddy's girl. She was named Mia Taylor after her mums favourite performer Taylor swift and she loves that and one day wants to be a singer like Taylor.

    ❤ Emerson (Emmy) rose- 3 years old- July 30- medium length blonde fairly curly hair and blue eyes- Emerson is the second of the sextuplets and the biggest tomboy of all the girls. She likes to play football and other games with her brothers out side and Hates it when I try to put her in a dress. She is a very funny and cheeky little girl who loves playing tricks on the family. She loves the colour green and want everything in that colour. Emmy is always the first ti do everything of all the sextuplets e.g. Walking, crawling getting a tooth and she is a smart child.

    ❤ Harley Quinn - 3 years old- July 30- dirty blonde hair and Hazel eyes- Harley is the eldest boy of the sextuplets and the smartest. He loves to try and read and colour in his colouring books. While the other sextuplets love to play in the back yard Harley prefers to stay in and draw pictures with Luca. We already know he is going to be a very cleaver boy at school and do well. He is the second best behaving after lexi apart from when he gets angry. No one wants to come in contact with an angry Harley because he has recently discovered biting and he does it.

    ❤ Finley (Finn) connor- 3 years old- july 30- blonde hair and brown eyes- Finn is definitely the mist boyish of all the children. He loves to do all both things like playing in dirt, football and climbing. He is the stingray and biggest sextuplet and he has been since he was born. He, like Emmy, hates to be dressed up because he always wants to be free and dirty. He is a very good footballer even at 3 years old and we have noticed that he is a fast runner as well. He will definitely be a sporty boy in the future.

    ❤ alexa ( lexi) Britt- 3 years old- July 30- medium wavy brown hair and brown eyes- alexa is a very sweet little girl and very well behaved. Anyone could Handel 6 lexis. She never causes any trouble and is kind and caring to all her siblings. She always shares and never argues. Emmy, Mia and lexi have recently started ballet classes on week ends and lexi loves it. She loves getting ready in her tu tu and getting her hair done. She loves to dance at home as well is taking after her elder sister savannah. She hates to get her clothes dirty and loves to cuddle and eat chocolate. Alexa and Ronan are the children that are most like me looks and personality wise, alexa with looks mostly though.

    ❤ Blake Alexander-3 years old- July 30- blonde hair and blue eyes- Blake is the most adventurous of all the children which can lead to acticents at times. He loves the small park we have in the back yard and climbing up trees. He is the hardest of them all to take care of because he is a ball of energy that will never stay still. He always wants to play or do something and hates going to bed at night. He is the only child that has ever broken a bone and he did that by climbig s tree in the park. He can be cheeky like Emerson at times too helping her play pranks although when he joins in the sometimes get a little bit too dangerous.

    We live in a large house in California with a large back garden with a little park in it and a small swimming pool. The elder three children have their own rooms but lexi and Mia share and so do Harley and Finn. We have two young kittens, one White and the other Ginger and a small dog called belle. :)

    ( as you can tell I think too much about my future)

  • Lia
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    8 years ago

    I would love to have 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls

    Tyler Joseph (TJ)- 8 years old- October 13th- Tyler has short, light brown hair and light brown eyes. He's an average height. He's can be very sweet but most of the time he is causing trouble. He is very protective, outgoing, funny, athletic, and overall a good kid.

    Benjamin Grey- 6 years old- January 7th- Ben has long, dark brown hair and grey eyes. He's on the taller side. He is very shy, smart, protective, creative, funny, and a bit mysterious.

    Anabelle Kya- 4 years old- April 5th- Belle has long, dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. She's average height. She has many motherly instincts towards her younger siblings. She's creative, smart, a little shy, and a bookworm.

    Cameron Leo- 3 years old- September 4th- Cameron has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He's average height, a little short. He's the wild child of the family. He is a jokester, funny, sweet, creative, and outgoing.

    Molly Rose- 9 months- August 23rd- Molly has light brown hair and big blue eyes. She's shorter. She is without a doubt a little princess and the baby of the family. She is very sweet, shy, playful, and always trying to follow her older siblings.

    We'd live in a 4 bedroom house in Louisiana with 2 cats and a dog. My husband and I would have our own bedroom. Tyler and Benjamin share a room. Anabelle and Molly share a room. Cameron has his own room, since he likes to tear his room apart for fun.

  • R.
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    8 years ago

    I would also love 5 kids, but I'll probably only have 2. I would like 3 girls and 2 boys. My boyfriend has blonde hair and blue eyes, and I have brown hair and blue eyes. So our kids would be a mix of that

    1- Duncan Patrick

    2- Maude Madeleine

    3- Wulfric Aldo

    4- Kestrel Vittoria

    5- Beatrix Diana

    Duncan, Maude, Wulf, Kessie and Bee

  • 8 years ago

    Ahhhhh love this…

    I want 5 boys and a few pets:

    Robert Weston (age 13) he is the leader, he is big into sports. He is a good student and loves to read anything that has to do with baseball. His birthday is June 8. He has brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.

    Wyatt Keith (age 10 identical twin) he is laid back and goes with the flow. He is a car lover and can name any car that passes by. He loves going to school to learn about new things and is very good in art, where he draws cars. His birthday is August 14. He is average height with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

    Hudson Whitley (age 10 identical twin) he is a fireball and is very active. He isn’t a great student and tends to think about all other things other than school. He is very much into anything that moves. He loves to play football and basketball. His birthday is August 14. He is average height with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He and Wyatt like to “trade places” but the only people they can’t fool are their parents.

    William Paul (age 8) he is quiet and very calm. He loves reptiles and studying all about them. He is decent student and excels in science. He loves to play baseball in the yard with his brothers. His birthday is April 22. He has light brown hair and green eyes, he is tall and lanky, just like the uncle he is named after.

    Walker Dees (age 7) he loves the water and is a very good swimmer. He loves learning about the ocean and everything in it. He is more of a class clown but still maintains good grades. He likes to play basketball and baseball. His birthday is July 9. He has brown hair and beautiful blue eyes and is the spitting image of his older brother West.

    West, Wyatt, Whit, Will, and Walker

    We live on family farm property and have a ranch style home with a large yard and a barn. We have 3 dogs (shepherd mix Jake, cocker spaniel Daisy, and golden retriever Gage), 5 cats (Ollie, Boo, Mickey, Minnie, and Zipper), 2 rabbits (Bugs and Hopper), 13 fish, an owl (Ryder), 4 horses (Thunderbolt, Jagger, Rose, and Sarah), 8 cows (only 2 have names – Barney and Bonnie), and 3 hens and a rooster (Clyde the Rooster).

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    8 years ago

    I would love three kids, two girls and a boy.

    ♡♀ Imogen Blair - nine years old, October 5 - Imogen is sweet, kind and quiet. She's responsible, polite and protective of Liam and Margo. She's a good writer and a great piano player. She's of average height, has long, wavy, light brown hair, brown eyes. She wears a size 9-10 dress and a size 1 shoe.

    She's called Imogen after my mother, and Blair after my sister, Claire.

    ♡♂ Liam Bennett - five years old, May 29 - Liam is cheeky, charming and kind. He's funny, lovable and loves to follow Imogen around like a puppy. He's a great speaker and a good soccer player. He's of average height, has shaggy, straight, blonde hair and green eyes. He wears a size 5-6 clothing and a size 10 shoe.

    He's called Liam after my brother and Bennett after Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice.

    ♡♀ Margo Natalie - three years old, September 18 - Margo is theatrical, funny and kind. She's cute, polite and loves to be around her parents and siblings. She's a good singer and a great storyteller. She's short, has curly, short brown hair and green eyes. She wears a 2T or 3T dress and a size 7 shoe.

    She's called Margo after my grandmother, Margaret and Natalie after my best friend.

  • 8 years ago

    I would like 7 children. Hair colour and eye colour wouldn't affect me, nor would looks and I certainly don't want to choose them, I want them to be who they want to be, and I am going to have no influence on that, obviously they will have good manors, and respectability, but if they wanted to become a nudist then fine with me, if they wanted to die their hair green so be it, if they wanted to become a doctor I would support them all the way, if they wanted a sex change then again I would completely support them.

    1. Dean Michael - age 12

    2. Ruby Genevieve - age 10

    3. Esme Violet (es-may) - age 9

    4. Zachary James - age 7

    5. Lucy Imogen - age 4

    6. Chloe Rosa - age 2

    7. Rory Benjamin - age 1

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    5 years ago

    Uf.. I think.. I'd be married to this amazing man, who must be attractive, sexy, tender and loving.. We would like the same music! And enjoy reading too.. We would have this little boy named Christopher Osh Alexander.. (love that name!) and this little baby girl named Karina Eilet... We would live in this huge house in front of the beach.. Probably the Bahamas.. jaja.. We would have a small dog named Polar Bear.. jaja.. And we would all have a lot of fun together, I would be a designer or a singer, what the heck.. If it's a dream life.. jaja.. And he would probably be.. a singer too.. Don't you love singers?? Very faithfully though.. Oh yeah and I would own my personal dolphin!

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  • 8 years ago

    Louis Donald Christopher - chocolate brown eyes and blonde wavy hair with an outgoing and Tough personality. Strong, polite and intelligent. Handsome with a good sense of humour and loves animals and sports such as soccer/football and golf. Popular among friends and girls and is extremely talented at football ( soccer ).

    Estelle Janice Maria - brown wavy hair and pale blue eyes. Happy, intelligent and fun. Loves horseriding and dancing. Popular among friends, pretty and loves animals. Collects ornaments such as cherubs and fairys from really young. Attends theatre school and takes part in dressage competitions. Especially good at ballet and dressage.

    Edward Anthony James - light brown soft curled hair and light brown eyes. Popular and handsome but strong and tough at the same time. Takes part in soccer, golf and polo. Especially good at polo. Loves animals and has a great sense of humour. Intelligent and a little mischievous ( cheeky but not rebellious )

    Madeleine Lisa Joy - blonde soft curled hair and bright blue eyes. Loves dancing and is popular among friends. Funny and up for anything. Loves animals and is especially good at show jumping and street dance. Collects snow globes from a young age. She can also sing and has a shy side to her.

    Louis, Estelle, Edward & Madeleine


    Jasmine the shih tzu who is a little cheeky but obedient and cuddly. Gold hair with silver flecks. Big round hazel eyes. Patient and affectionate with the children and other pets.

    Jett the black cocker spaniel. Wavy hair. Obedient and alert. Loves curling up in front of the fire and running around with the horses. Loves the children & other pets

    Buster the tan/brindle boxer with white stripe down his nose. Loves playing in the garden with the children. Well behaved but boisterous. Used as a giant sized pillow by all the other animals.

    Felix the tri colour exotic short haired cat. Lazy and cuddley but grumpy when tired. Patient and affectionate with children and other pets. Mostly a house cat and never strays further than the garden.

    Honey the ginger maine Coone cat. Loves getting her hair brushed and curling up on the cat tree. Inquisitive but never strays further than the back garden.

    Buttercup the quarter horse. Pale chestnut with black/brown mane. Well behaved and really good at dressage and show jumping. Loves the dogs and lets all the children ride.

    Spencer the Arabian. Boisterous and a little jumpy. Really fast runner and good at show jumping. Loves food and the other animals. Likes the children but won't be ridden by them all the time.

  • 8 years ago

    Love this question, as I'm such a dreamer!

    I'd love to have 10 kids or more, given the right situation. Lol I have such a mother's heart. But, for the sake of every one reading I'll keep it at 6 kids. 3 boys and 3 girls.

    💗 Leila Juliette- she was born on Oct. 17 and she is now 2. It looks like she will have curly, medium blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, and she's going to be TALL. Given that I'm only 5'2 and her father is 6'3 lol. She is as tall as our 4 year old friend. She loves dancing and anything artistic.

    💗 Salem Oliver- we are aiming to have our second child when Leila is 4-5. I'm hoping for a fun loving, athletic boy to keep up with his father, who never stops going. I imagine a curly headed, light blonde boy with blue/grey eyes. Average height.

    💗Ruby Amelia- Born when Leila is 5 1/2 and Salem is 1. She is named after my 'mamaw' whom is very dear to me. I imagine a tom-boyish girl who looks more like me, with dirty blonde (slight reddish tint) hair with her fathers sigiture widdows peak. Blue eyes. Short.

    💗 Harrison Reid- Born when Leila is 7, Salem is 3, and Ruby is 2. I imagine a very intelligent boy who loves the out doors. Fishing, hiking, animals. Straight dirty blonde hair.

    💗Clara Elowyn- A twin! Born when Leila is 8, Salem is 4, Ruby is 3, and Harry is 1. I imagine a wavy haired, light blonde girl with light blue eyes. She's very bossy and has a strong sprit.

    💗 Casper James- A twin! Born 5 mins after Clara. I imagine a light blonde, blue eyed mommas boy. Very mischievous, though and loves to annoy his siblings.

    I one day plan to breed Yorkshire Terriers, in honor of my childhood best friend Brodi, who was a yorkie.

    So we will always have little puppies around.

    💗Leila, Salem, Ruby, Harrison, Clara, and Casper💗

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    6 in total. Middle names are ALL family names otherwise I find them pointless.

    Oliver James Donald - September 18th - 11 years old. Dark blonde hair, quite tanned, green eyes. Very athletic and intelligent. Loves soccer/football and plays golf with his dad sometimes. Outgoing and very handsome, polite and loves animals. He is quite tough though. "Ollie"

    Rosalie Olivia Janice & Nicholas David Joseph - February 2nd - twins aged 8. Both blonde hair and blue eyes and quite tanned. Very handsome/pretty. They're both very intelligent. Rosalie loves horse riding/dressage and ballet. Nicholas love polo and soccer/football. Both fairly outgoing but not as outgoing as Oliver. Plus they both love animals. "Rose" and "Nick"

    Elliot John Paul - May 9th - 6 years old. Light brown hair and blue eyes. Not as tanned as his other siblings but not very pale. Happy and lively. Average to clever at school. Very good at soccer/football and loves both golf and polo. Looks up to his older brothers and loves playing with his big sister and family pets.

    Kind and gentle but not at all shy, very confident and 'cool'. Very handsome too. "Ell"

    Philippa Elizabeth Antoinette - august 1st - 2 years old. Light blonde curls and chocolate brown eyes.Happy/cheeky baby. Will go on to do ballet and horse riding like her sister. Loves the family pets and all her siblings. A little bossy but try's really hard at kindergarten. Very chatty and friendly. Very confident and cute. "Pippa"

    Annalise Samantha Lillian - November 3rd - new born and very well behaved baby. Darker brown than Elliot but not brunette hair and green/hazel eyes. Will go on to do ballet and horse riding like her sisters. Loves pets even from a tiny baby. Very happy and cheerful. Will also be fairly outgoing. "Annie"

    All girls will go to ballet, theatre school and horse riding. All boys will go to soccer/football and polo. Husband and I will be married before we are 30 then have children after we are married. Before having children we will have a honeymoon in the carribean and at least a year of enjoying eachother. We will both have stable successful jobs and we will both love pets. When the children are born I will be a housewife since there are so many.

    Pets: 3 dogs - a shih tzu, a cocker spaniel and a boxer. All perfectly behaved.




    2 cats: Maine coons.



    2 horses: one all black one palomino



    We will have a lot of land and our children won't be spoilt/bratty. They will be grateful and blessed.

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