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Anonymous asked in TravelFranceOther - France · 7 years ago

Traveling query - France, Italy and the verdon gorge?


So summer 2014 I want to go to 3 places mainly

I live in Britain, and I want to visit the verdon gorge in the South of France, as well as Rome and Venice

I know a reliable hotel site with good deals, but travel isn't my expertise.

I presume I would get the Eurostar from London to Paris, guess I could stay in Paris for a night and see the sites?

I think the verdon gorge is a quiet area, how would I get there? Would you recommend I stay in a city close before I go to verdon? And then catch the train to Venice from somewhere like nice or Lyon (I think). Then I think it would be ok when I'm in Venice because I could just catch the train to Rome and then fly back to Britain from there?

Any suggestions, websites, information and knowledge will be very helpful.

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  • 7 years ago
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    OK first of all, the Gorges du Verdon aren't quiet at all during summer ;)... a lot of tourists love this place, especially in August... but it worth it.

    Here is my pick, (it's maybe not the fastest or the cheapest one) but I think it's perfect for tourism : Pick the TGV (high speed train) from Paris to Avignon (less than 3 hours).

    Then rent a car at the station. Drive through the beautyful Luberon national park from Avignon to Apt (it's really beautifull, if you want to visit some places, I suggest L'isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Gordes, Roussilon... google them !!!). Apt isn't very spectacular, continue to go east, through Manosque and you reach the Gorges du Verdon... Spend some time along the beautiful "Lac Ste Croix" and its teal water. You can rent a boat or find a quiet beach along the shore...

    Then you have two options... Go south to the French Riviera and catch a plane at Nice Airport (for a small budget theres is a low cost "easyjet" flight from Nice to Venice) or drive North (through Barcelonette and Cuneo) and cross the Alps, through the beautiful and wild Mercantour state park... Pass the Italian border and reach Torino and then leave the car and catch a train for Venice...

    Useful links :

    Train ticket (Paris to Avignon) =

    Info about Luberon (what to see, where to stay) =

    Infos on Mercantour state Park :

    Easyjet Airlines :

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