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Can you get a tattoo at 16 (UK)?

This is my Auntie's account by the way.

I am 15 years old, 16 in a few weeks and i would love a tattoo on my wrist. Before you all tell me not to, the tattoo has a very special meaning to me because i have bipolar disorder and i have been through child abuse, depression, self harm, i lost my dad and brother and i have struggled a lot in my life and this tattoo would represent that. It would be a semi-colon on the middle of my wrist (all the people that have self harmed will understand this) and it would be 6 small swallows flying underneath it- i designed it myself.

It is something that i will always look at and be proud of how far i have come so there is no need to tell me i will regret it. I just wanted to know is it legal in the UK to have a tattoo done at 16 with parental consent? The place i would be going is really clean and professional (i have had a few piercings there before). Thanks.

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    In the UK, not legally, no. And the people willing to tatoo 16 year olds are most probably crappy. So I would wait until you turn 18, that way you can get a professional tattoo.

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    Tattoo Laws Uk

  • In the UK it is illegal for anyone to tattoo any person under the age of 18, this is the Tattooing of Minors Act 1969. Parental consent doesn't make any difference to the application of this law.

    Any half-decent studio is aware of the laws governing their business and will not touch you. By all means you can ask at the studio where you've been pierced: if they say yes then you should leave, inform your local authority, and stop getting your piercings done there too.

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    As Merlin states under current law, the tattooing of minors act prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from getting a tattoo, unless it is for medical reasons. Actually the punishment if prosecuted and found guilty for the artist is quite light, they can receive a fine of £50, and I believe £100 for any subsequent convictions.

    However, if the local borough council finds out then the artist will have their licence to practise removed so nobody with a good shop/reputation will take a chance.

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    As Merlin says, this is covered by the Tattooing Of Minors Act 1969

    There is no get-out for parental permission: the minimum age is 18.

    The only exemptions are genuine medical ones, such as tattooing location dots for targeting radiotherapy.

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    if you look 18, try it, I just got one and im 16! but you cant tell them your 16! with parental consent or not it is against the law to tattoo a person under 18

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    I live in UK ,Im 16 and i get a tattoo before 1 week its just all about if you know people... my friend make me an tattoo the thing is if someone ask you you just dont tell them where you get it...And they cant do anything with it..

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    You will have to wait till your 18, don't attempt to get anyone to do it while your underage as these kinds of places likely break other laws like health and safety.

    Don't listen to the USA answers that infest this UK section, they struggle to keep to their own section. There is no such thing as parental consent to tattoos in the UK

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    no its not legal

    and parental permission is meaningless here

    no competent artist will risk their licence, their reputation, their insurance or the wrath of the courts

    every other teen out there thinks their story is worthy of getting around the law

    sorry, your reasons hold no place in this



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    Legally no, legally you have to be 18, but I know many many people underage with tattoos

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