Experience with a satanic ritual?

Hey, i just like getting into the POV of other people and i just wanted to know what its like to be part of a satanic ritual and how it happened where and why and the effects it had and whether or not it worked lol anyway if you've done any rituals i would be really happy to read detailed stories of your experiences thanks :D


and tell me if you saw or met a demon and everything plz :D i find this extremly interesting thnks lol

Update 2:

and by POV i mean the point of view of the person performing the ritual, and i have a very basic idea on what a satanic ritual consists of which is why i am asking this question. to further increase my understanding of this subject

Update 3:

/ can you add me i tried adding you, you seem knowlegable and experienced in this and i just want some light shed on this by a person like yourself and not a hollywood movie

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    What exactly do you imagine a "satanic" ritual is?

    Your version of "satanic" ritual occurs only in Hollywood movies, cheap horror fiction and stories made up by Christian dabblers to scare Christians who might be tempted to stray back into the proper line.

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    Don't do them, because he pays we back by multiples of threes. Example: You do a basic spell, you get 3 bad things to happen to you while your in the world of increasing degrees, voo-doo, it goes up to 6, and if you sell out, well then it goes 9 and above. Then you get stuck getting all manner of curses and nagative prayers after you.

    I never did any while in a group, I knew people in the music world and at my high school that did. But usually it is a very sad, terrible experience. I left witchcraft and all the experimental religious stuff I was doing 5 years ago to become a born again Christian. I couldn't be any more content with the religion I believe in now.

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    yeah one I happened to be dragged into my school's catholic church

    it was a horrible experience'

    you have to bow before a idol of a lady with a baby in her hands

    then you have to line up,then a priest gives sum thing to eat,my heart was in my throat

    I ran like hell,nevr looked bck

    I still get hibbi zibbies rembering tat day

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