What's a parenchymatous liver disease ?

Last week I had a scan to check weather my ovaries are perfect,,,but the result came with enlarged size of the liver with the size of 18.9 cm along with grade one fatty liver,,,all other are normal,uterus,kidneys,speen,,,etc

Today I had done my blood test of sgpt ,sgot,uric acid,ggpt,CBC ,,,,uric acid is in its highest rate,,but rest are under the normal value,

But in the end report the impression is ;

Increased in lesions which cause intrahepatic or extrahepatic obstruction of bile ducts,,,including parenchymatous liver diseases!

Though my report is fine,,why the end result like this,,,what does this result say,,,should I see any doc,,or continue on my diet! I don't drink and smoke,,am 5.4 inches and 78 kg,,,femal ,mom of three kids!

Any one give me an answer!

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  • 7 years ago
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    It states here that the bile ducts cells are becoming damaged and it is noticed inside the liver and outside of the liver.

    It also states that there is fat building up inside the liver. But, this is just mild, meaning that it is just in the starting of the build up. The liver has about 5% fat inside the healthy liver...but as it increases there, it can damage the liver cells.

    When the liver cells become damaged, which can come from the bile not flowing well through the ducts, or fat building up in the liver...then the immune system of the body will respond to this damage and cause inflammation to develop inside the liver also...which leads to the liver enlarging in size and taking on a spongy texture.

    Bile is made in the liver. IT flows through tube like structures (known as ducts) from the inside of the liver to the gallbladder (located under the liver). From the gallbladder it then flow through the Common bile duct to the intestines to help emulsify the fats we eat. When the bile ducts become damaged, this flow may become obstructed and cause some of the bile to remain in or back up into the liver.

    This may be what has caused the liver to enlarge in size and not the fatty liver diagnosis; since it is just in the very beginning stage.

    Fatty liver disease can be caused by Alcohol consumption, certain kinds of medications (like steriods), weight gain, fast weight loss, metabolic disorders, higher cholesterol/triglyceride levels, diabetes, insulin resistance, and others.

    Normally, if the cause of the fatty liver is found and can be stopped, the fat will go out of the liver and this problem can be reversed. However, the bile duct problem may not be.

    Here are a couple links about fatty liver:

    Medicine Net: http://www.medicinenet.com/fatty_liver/article.htm

    Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatty_liver

    You need to have an appointment with your doctor. You should be seeing either a gastroenterologist or hepatologist now. He may refer you to them. You can then discuss what can be done to help you liver.

    Best wishes

    Caregiver to a liver transplant patient

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