Help with bug identification?

I saw this bug, at night. I've never seen anything like it before. I have looked everywhere and can't identify it. I live in MI.

It was about 4 inches long. It's body was perfectly straight and smooth and had no curvature to it at all and no tapering or notches/segments to it, not even at the end other that a slight radius at the end of the wings, which were tight to the body. It was about 3/8 of an inch wide. It was brown and I could see a bit under the wings when I touched it and it was bright green.

Its head was separate like a praying mantis which it wasn't. The head was oval horizontally and was a bit narrower than the body and about an 1/8 of inch deep. The eyes were bulbous.

It had about 2 inch long legs that were about as thick as thin spaghetti and they were bent at about 1 inch.

I spotted it on a sidewalk under a streetlight and I live near ponds.

Please help this will drive me insane if I can't figure it out!


Nope, not a Dobson fly. It's wings were tight to the body, it didn't have the claw-like things on the head and the legs were about twice as long or better.

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