Am watching Mad Men season 5, and noticed that Jon Hamm is now a producer. What does this entail?

Surely the show was always going to be recommissioned, and so he doesn't actually have to do any work raising money. Is it just a little kickback to ensure he keeps playing Don, and doesn't leave the show?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Basically it gives him a cut of the profits... the better the show does in Ratings and DVD sales the more he gets paid

    if I recall when show's people last negotiated with AMC it was agreed that season 7 would be the final season... But it's possible that Hamm in his negotiations with the show asked/demanded he get the producer credit to close the deal on his Last contract talk ie.. he gave them 3 choices

    -- he'd get X dollars per episode Plus the credit

    -- or he'd X+25%

    -- OR he'd walk away

    as there is no show w/o Draper option 3 was off the table... so they probably figured it was better to give him a share of the profits rather than pay the cash out ahead of time... if the Ratings dropped and the show limped along they'd still be out the money from Option 2 but with #1 the would only be out a cut of an unknown future figure... how can they be out money they never actually had

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