what does this mean: my phlegm feels looser?

i heard it in the how i met your mother,when one guy asked from this girl are you buzzing baby?she said that.what does that mean?

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  • 7 years ago
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    phlegm is bodily fluid that is in the mouth and throat; somewhat similar to mucous (and phlegm can actually be used to mean mucous that gets caught in the throat or moves from the nasal cavity into the mouth).

    As to the precise meaning of the joke, it is hard to say. Thick phlegm tends to occur when you are nervous (imagine how your mouth gets dry and gummy when you have to give a public speech) so apparently he is saying he is more relaxed (in a most inappropriate way; we don't usually admit to or volunteer information about what is happening with our phlegm-not something anyone wants to hear about), but I imagine there could be a more sexual implication associated with such a statement, in the proper situation.

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