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why do americans think they need guns?

well, the question is pretty self explanatory, why do americans believe that gun ownership is so necessary?

here in the U.K, and in Australia where the gun laws are very strict we have very little gun crime and don't have mass shootings like you here about in the states. in 2012 in the U.K there were 552 murders, whereas there were 532 murders in chicago alone in 2012- that's an entire country compared to only one city!

some people say that it's to stop only criminals having guns, but if there's a gun ban then COMMON criminals won't have guns since they wont be able to get them, only serious organised criminals would have the resources and knowledge needed to illegally get guns (and these people are unlikely to go for small time petty crimes Like burglary anyway); you can't argue that common criminals will get guns regardless because the U.K is proof that they don't manage to get guns.

i understand that america is different to the U.K and over there are cut off communities with no nearby police force, so some form of self protection could be deemed necessary, but surely that vast majority of people don't need them.

the reason we have low gun crime in the U.K and no mass shooting is that gun laws do work and the vast majority of criminals don't have access to any weapon greater than a kitchen knife.

yes we have violent crime over here, just like any country, but we have far fewer murders than the U.S.A per million people.

the last thing is that many americans see to think that they need guns to protect their 'freedom', well, in-case you didn't notice, both the U.K and Australia have strict gun control and so far our governments haven't tried to implement police states and exercise dictatorial control. you don't need guns for freedom.

please no angry anti-british rants by angry americans, just answers to the question of why americans feel they need guns.


you keep talking about imposing strict laws in only certain areas of the U.S, which is stupid since you can just go to another state in order to curcumvent these bans, so of course these small scale bans have failed.

also some of you seem to have missed my point that the U.K has less gun crime and fewer murders than the states because common criminals can't get their hands on guns over here, so these 'life threatening situations' where a gun would be useful are much less likely to happen here.

also, lax gun laws also mean that more criminals have guns and can use them to rob your home or mug you- much easier to defeat a burgler or mugger if he hasn't got a gun.

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    Well I'm from Texas, and my family owns quite a few guns. Ours however are used for hunting, and the wild animals that are common here like coyotes. Without guns we wouldn't be able to keep out livestock very well protected from wild dogs, coyotes, the occasional mountain lion, or even wild hogs(those things are scary.)Even though I live in a small rural town we have quite a few break ins, and we only have one police force for our whole county, so the police have to drive about 18 miles to get to my town. So having guns makes us feel more secure. Also it is in our constitution the right to bear arms. Most of us aren't as worried about dictatorial control as we are gangs and Drug Cartels. Where I live I'm only about 30 miles from a town that has constant drive bys by gangs. I don't know how popular gangs are in the U.K. but here they are large. If the citizens lose their gun rights, then what's to stop people who illegally have guns to raid homes? Might just seem like paranoia to you though.

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    Nicely written...but wrong.

    "... but if there's a gun ban then COMMON criminals won't have guns since they wont be able to get them, ..."

    No - criminals are not segregated by common or otherwise, they are just thugs.

    "...majority of criminals don't have access to any weapon greater than a kitchen knife."

    And so now you are passing laws about pointy you see the problem yet?

    " point that the U.K has less gun crime and fewer murders than the states ..."

    Not according to the Daily Mail - see the link.

    No country has a perfect balance between freedom and safety, but this country allows us the ability to take a measure of protection into our own hands.

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    Perhaps you've forgotten that the crime rate in Australia didn't rise, or drop. The gun ban there hasn't proven anything. And the UK? Criminals in the UK are running wild. Killing everyday. If the USA bans guns, criminals will still have them. Because criminals don't give a damn about the law, and never will.

    I can't see why you don't understand that just because something is illegal, then nobody will be able to get it. Do people who want drugs still get drugs? Do people who want to murder still murder? Do people who want to rape and molest kids still do it even though it's a crime?

    Yes. Even in the UK, laws won't stop criminals.

    I'm sure if I went to the UK, I could join a gang, or become a criminal, and get a gun and shoot people all I want.

    No gun ban, law, or gun regulation is going to stop me.

    But an armed citizen shooting me for breaking into their house to kill them and their family will.

    Don't believe me? Check out my sources.

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    We know its in your constitution etc so we don't need to hear that excuse.

    , but here and many others countries across the world with strict gun laws find it insane that you can all relatively easily own/carry a gun.

    There's only one intent of a gun...

    I don't think you (Americans) realise how crazy and insane it looks from a lof of people's perspective outside America.

    It's seems backward and irresponsible.

    Strict gun laws do work.

    We don't have any major gangs like America seems to do, yes I'm sure there are plenty more in London areas, but on the whole I'd say most towns and cities are really safe, and most here would feel at ease.

    Curiously... Is the fact that you have the right to bear arms in any relation to mass gang culture at all.

    I realise that these gangs would be more concentrated to particular districts and areas of cities, but is there a connection at all (again assuming most gangs own firearms illegally)

    And lastly, does it not concern you that the mental stability of those who own firearms is not checked?

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    It's part of our constitution (which Is what our country was founded on idk how much of American history you know) so it's in our heritage. It makes us feel safer to be able to protect ourselves and our homes. (For example one of my friends, a teenage girl, had her house broken into. She grabbed an empty gun and confronted the guy which I don't recommend btw the guy backed down and she called the police. The point is she felt safe enough just having an empty gun around to confront the guy)

    And just so you know not everybody can have a gun. We have laws in place about convicted criminals buying guns, and you have to get permits. To take your gun anywhere you have to have a concealed weapons license and even then there are places you aren't allowed to take it. True there is the black market and everything but it's not just like GUNS FREE GUNS FOR EVERYONE

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    Chicago is the most strict, but the most crime. Gun laws don't keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Criminals and big brother will always have guns.

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    If you think criminals can't get guns, you're head is in the sand. I, as an honest citizen, can drive 10 miles from my house and get a gun in my hand within an hour of asking about license, no waiting period, no back ground investigation. And I could probably get one in your town, as well.

    Communities in the U.S. with no police force? Brits are so clueless...if you're an example of Brits.

    YOU PEOPLE will need guns when you ALLOW the Muslims to take over, as they're already doing because YOU PEOPLE are so spineless and AFRAID of those morons!

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    Maybe your army doesn't carry guns, either.

    EDIT: Maybe you should never consider coming to the U.S. of A, then. So just shut up and sit down, and don't ask us to help you throw out the Muslims when they tire of burning your cars and begin on your churches and houses. Use your bare hands on them.

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    It's part of their culture, and for protection and easy intervention to threats.

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    because american eat wonder bread and drive fords

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