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Is SaveFrom.Net helper safe to use?

I wanted to find an easy way to download a clip from youtube but wasnt sure where to go about it

I found an add on for google chrome called helper and a few people have even said it was good and worked.

Im just wondering if anyone could tell me if it is safe to use and download,, as in it wont give me viruses as Im worried that with downloading it, that it will.

Can anyone help me out? Much appreciated

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    I've used it twice now and haven't experienced any problems with it

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    It talked about third-party applications with other licenses and whatever with my data including I think name and credit card information.

    Not necessarily evil but should I accept that?

    Likely not. Also I assume their website have to forward all the data when I use it and they do that for what? Free? Out of just plain good will? Maybe. Or it could be because they want one to fetch the plugin.

    .. then again the plugin is available on Firefox webpage too and such and have a good rating there and I would trust that more than something from random website (I use Chrome and Google doesn't have YouTube video downloaders in their store so it's not there.)

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    I use Savefrom all the time and have no problems with it.I have not downloaded or installed it as I remember having problems with sometime ago.I have also used YTD,but not very good.Have also used clipconverter as well which is good and no problems and again no download and install.I have Windows 8.1 ( 64 bit) and running Chrome

    52.I also Firefox web browser,but hardly ever use it

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    used the ss before youtube twice then would have had to load the program Mcaffee said no so it seems that you get two goes per login without downloading it and all the associated where are you what have you been doing things. All I am trying to do is to record videos on my MG, will take a while at two per time.

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    Not so fast!...In April 2014,, a video-download browser extension, issued a mandatory update. (If you refuse the update, the helper is disabled within your browser). That update seeks far more permissions to track your Internet browsing activities, including the sites you visit even when you are not using the video-download app. (To urge use of their browser helper, the use of their web-site to download without an app is restricted).

    I can find no reason why SaveFrom wants this activity (other than the obvious one: To sell or monetize data about your surfing habits, interests, predilections and peculiarities.

    Perhaps someone from SaveFrom can justify the need to track user's habits. I certainly can't think of a reasonable justification.

    Ellery Davies is a security consultant, Blogger & author.

    His comments appear throughout Yahoo features & forms.

    Ellery (at) starbus (d0t) com

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    I think it is terrible. It also downloads and installs sw applications like Sonic something Advertisement and TamperMonkey extension. They are devastating applications, completely throwing your browsing to the winds. They also ruin all other Chrome extensions. You need to uninstall the application Sonic and then disable the extension Tamper.. and then physically delete I tried twice and found this behaviour identical.

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    How do I uninstall it? Chromium browser also came into my computer when I downloaded SaveFrom.Net helper. Now I want to get rid of both of them.

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    Ellery Davies is right...once you allow them to install secret programs in your computer you are in the dark as to what they installed. They might as well attach a program that can read your passwords and account numbers which is possible. So just beware, the software will do what it claims to do but secretly it will do a lot more behind the scenes.

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    does anyone know of a good "safe" helper program?

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