My ps3 controller had lag?

so I have this Samsung hdtv that runs at 60hz, not sure what the response time is, but its not meant for gaming. But here's the problem, I play ps3 on my TV (I play bo2) and I realizing that my actions are a lot slower on the tv than what I press on the controller and this ends up getting me killed a lot which really angers me. and I also get shot around corners and seem to react very slowly, so this could have something to do with my internet connection... any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    some older generations controllers like the plain sixaxis controllers( are not dualshock 3 and are lighter then) might be the problem. Also it is probably your tv, I play on a 240hz display but one day i had to play on a 60hz and the difference was significant

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