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Are my anxiety test results really bad?

Hello, I know I have anxiety 100%. I've been diagnosed since I was like 3. I know i've been told its pretty bad, and I take medication for it (Anti-depressant, sertraline) , I took an online test because I want to get to know what I have better. I was wondering are these results bad?

1st test :

· Major signs of anxiety

· Very high level of general anxiety

· Very high level of existential anxiety - What does this mean?

· Several somatic manifestations of anxiety - What does this mean too?

· Very high level of mood instability

· Strong tendency to ruminate

Test 2. (Just a screenshot..)

Bare in mind I take medication to try and stop anxiety...

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    Well considering thay it says very high level of...I would say you have a lot of anxiety. Its okay; I have anxiety a lot too. Try doing some congnitve-behavioral techniques or try talking to someone.

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