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13 week JSA sanction, will my boyfriend lose Housing Benefit and DLA also?

Hi everybody,

Today my boyfriend received a letter in the post telling him his JSA will be sanctioned for 13 weeks as he did not apply for a job his adviser suggested as the job had "expired" when he accessed it through the website jobseekers have to use now. He receives DLA at a rate of £281 per month (not sure what band that falls with in or anything I'm afraid), and also receives housing benefit that covers the total cost of his monthly rent. Will he lose his DLA and Housing benefit as a result of this (over the top) sanctioning? Also does anything know anything about the hardship fund for jobseekers who are sanctioned? I think he may be eligible given that he gets DLA as I think this means he is classed within a "vulnerable group". Your answers and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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    His DLA will not be affected by the sanction,that is paid for extra care needs he has due to an illness or disability and has nothing to do with any other source of income including sanctioned benefits,they cannot stop the DLA because of the sanction.

    The housing benefit should be okay too but to be on the safe side he should ring them and check,they are unfairly placing sanctions on a lot of people at the moment,if he can prove that the job had in fact expired he can appeal against his sanction.

    If he loses the appeal then he can apply for a hardship payment but it's usually a very tiny amount of money so first he needs to look at appealing the sanction,obviously I have no idea what illness or disability he has but if he has limitations with work it might be better to apply for esa.

    ESA is the benefit for people who have a condition that limits their ability to work,there are two groups,a support group for people who cannot work at all and a work related activity group that is there for people who can do some kind of work related activity but who need extra help and support to look for work that accommodates their condition,it may well be worth thinking about if he feels he qualifies.

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    Tell him to "GET A JOB!" Better yet in THIS world he needs a "MARKETABLE CAREER!!!" Not JUST a "job!" OH con

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    get a job and stop scrounging

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