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Current South Africa v The great Aussie team?

Obviously Australia have a legacy which South Africa can't match & the latter also need to win every where around the world for a prolonged period like the Aussies did. But who would you put your money on for a one off match if we could bring the greats back into their prime? And why?

Hayden - Smith

Langer - Peterson

Ponting - Amla

Martyn - Kallis

Clarke - De Villiars(w)

Katich - Du Plessis

Gilchrist(w) - Elgar

Warne - Peterson

Lee - Philander

Gillespie - Steyn

McGrath - Morkel

Two extremely strong sides, the batting is unbelievable, both sides with many players around & above the 50 average mark. The fast bowling units are similar as well, the big difference & the thing that tips it Australia's way has to be Shane Warne. Australia's test for me.

What's your thoughts?

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    Aussies have the upper hand I'd say, but I wouldn't bet my house for that. It's another thing that I don't own one (living with my parents), or that I don't bet, but this Aussie team looks better. But Cricket is an unpredictable game, this SA team may defeat anyone on their day, and it wasn't like this Aussie team never lost a match.

    As of players, in the spin department, there is no comparison.

    In the pace department there is Steyn if SA, but the trio of Gillespie (whom I would consider to be in his prime), McGrath and Lee are far superior,\.

    In the batting department, Hayden and Langer are one of the best opening pair to ever play Test Cricket. Amla, Kallis and de Villiers are as competitive, but Elgar, du Plessis and Peterson may well be the weak link of this team.

  • Adarsh
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    7 years ago

    Good comparison.Even I had a thought about it much before.South Africa's domination in test matches has started,& they have been a dominating side since last 1 year be it whitewashing Pak 3-0 or NZ 2-0 at home or defeating England 2-0 in England or defeating Australia 1-0 in Australia.

    You have to give them more time & we might have a very equal comparison.Lets see how they perform against India,& how they perform in the subcontinent.Remember even the mighty Australia did not beat India at home when India toured Australia in 2003-04.But as far as now South Africa is the best team ahead of every other side by a superior margin.

    Their batting & fast bowling is their big strength.One would dream to have batsmen like Amla,Devilliers,Kallis,Faf du plessis in a same team.

    I m surprised why many people in this question feel Faf du plessis is a weak link in the South African side.He just made his test debut last year at Adelaide & scored a century & saved his country from a defeat,battling the Aussie bowlers for 400+ deliveries.He has just came into the team,he has the potential to be great batsman.

  • Linda
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    4 years ago

    I must agree with most of the contributors to this site and it would totally depend on where the series was played. I believe South Africa are probably the better all round team as India lack a couple of world class quick bowlers. Batting wise India are awesome but in a few years time they could be a bit suspect as they have quite a few players in that top six who are getting old together. Australia had the same problem a while back and are now paying the price. On a neutral venue I would back South Africa to take a five match series 2/1 with a couple of high scoring draws.

  • J. J..
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    7 years ago

    The Australian team - 2 reasons Warne and McGrath.

    Batsmen generally don't win test matches - BOWLERS do!

    If the Australian batting line up themselves had to face Warne and McGrath do you think they would have the records that they have now? Other countries bowling attacks were nowhere near as good as Warne and McGrath, who could get literally anybody out, therefore the Australian batting, not having to face these two could dominate the weaker bowlers.

    Steyn, Morkel and Philander are good bowlers and Steyn in particular is probably the world's best at the moment when fully fit, but even so they are not as potent or as threatening as Warne and McGrath.

    I would place Amla, Kallis and Smith (in his prime) slightly above their Australian counterparts - but then they have to face Warne and McGrath, and I think that they would struggle, like everybody else.

    It only takes one ball to get any batsman out and Warne and McGrath would provide it. The quality of the oppositions batting, wicket-keeping etc are nowhere near as important if you have bowlers like Warne and McGrath in your side.

    In the 2005 Ashes series England lost the first test with Warne and McGrath in the side, win the second when McGrath wasn't playing, draw the third, win the 4th and once again McGrath wasn't playing and then draw the 5th. The two matches that McGrath missed were the two that England won.

    In the return series in Australia with McGrath and Warne playing together again, it was a different story - England lost 5-0.

    That is the difference these two bowlers make!

    Warne and McGrath win it for Australia

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  • 7 years ago

    obviously the great aussie side by a fair margin !!

    Warne vs Peterson , Gilly vs Elgar , Langer vs Peterson ..these don`t match at all !..

    Also add Hussey instead of Katich and both of them were better than Du plesis

    That aussie team dominated cricket in both formats for a decade and a half , won 16 Tests in a raw twice and then 3 World Cups ! South africa just had couple of good years and haven`t even won a test series in sub continent for decades ,

    If the wicket start turning , forget beating great aussie team , SA will struggle against most of the current teams

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Australia had a very strong side, that achieved greatness across the world. In my opinion, the only winners for South Africa would be:

    Martyn - Kallis, because of the bowling ability

    Gillespie - Steyn

  • Obviously The great Aussie team. They will crush the current South African team on any given conditions. I will bet my house for it.

    The great Aussie team doesn't have any weaknesses or weak links. But 2 Petersons, Elgar and the out of form Smith are South Africa's weak links and that would be more than enough for the almighty Aussies to expose them.


  • Bill P
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    7 years ago

    Australia for sure. One problem SA has is the keeper. deVilliers is a great batsman and fielder but is wasted at keeper. What it does is giove the side an extra batsman.

  • Potato
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    7 years ago

    yeah good. the contest would be quite interesting. but you can't make impossible things possible. well tried mate.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    s africa

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