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Yahoo Answers UK community guidelines?

I feel enough is enough. So many questions on here go against the the community guidelines.

When will this stop?

Do any of you report questions often?

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    Good question.

    You're new here, so be sure you know the guidelines here before reporting. If you are ever unsure if something is a violation, click the ABOUT tab and go to the Suggestion Board or ask in this category.

    If you report accurately over a long period of time, you can report things and drop them more easily, it is like a privilege.

    It will never stop. People will always break the rules, it's human nature. That's why we have community moderation to help remove abusive posts.

    I probably report at least 50 items every day.

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    To be honest, many questions get deleted from this site because users don't get the full grasp of the Community Guidelines. None of this would have happened if they just take time out to read up on them right away. This is basically the only way to avoid getting into further trouble down the line. Remember there are always good reasons why questions get deleted here.

    As for who be reporting them, it's the community of trusted users. They have the full understanding of the Community Guidelines and have no trouble singling out questions for various violations of the rules and reporting them. Their accurate reporting of violations are more than credible enough to be upheld when users challenge them on appeal.

    Remember we need to have these rules in place to ensure everything is in check and not allow any and all problems on this site. Without them, this would be a cesspool of problems. If you could follow the rules of your community, then you should be able to easily follow the rules here. Remember Yahoo already has the legal right to add more or revise these rules as they see fit to keep this community safe at all times. If you feel they are way too tough to handle, then please stop using this service immediately.

    As for me reporting questions often, yes I do. This is because I want to help make this site enjoyable for all by reporting them that violate the rules. There's no place for them here at all. Even though my reporting may not have enough weight from time to time, I feel good helping others rid this site of these problems.

    Questions that are chatty, ranting, insulting. vulgar, illegal, etc. aren't allowed here because of what I just explained to you. Case closed on this matter.

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    I wish more people felt that 'enough is enough' and pitched in to help with the housekeeping!

    It'll never stop. As long as some users feel they can get away with something, and especially if others are unwilling to do anything about it, the bad behavior will continue.

    I report violating content all the time. I don't go looking for it, but plenty of it finds me anyway.

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    Unfortunately many members look on reporting abuse as snitching and won't report violations. It won't stop until members report the violations. I report violations several times every day, especially spam to the appropriate board and hope you will do likewise see the link below. if we don't, message boards can quickly deteriorate to boards full of profanity, bad taste, insults, harassment and other less than pleasant behaviour.

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