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Women playing football?

Honestly. I'm for equal rights and whatever. They can vote. Sure. But football? I don't care how feminist you are, you can't tell me a 150 l lb woman is gonna slam a 300 pound defensive tackle or 250 pound linebacker into the ground. Get real. We had one girl in the history of our school play football. Well, she was on the team. She never played. Then, she quit after she got hit and broke a rib in practice. Rumors of female NFL players are starting, and I hate it. Something about, all active women must touch the ball at least once a game. Bull. They don't do that for men. Women have women football. It always angered me seeing girls try and do anything with guys. Physically, they just CANT. We were built stronger and bigger. When I see a girl break one of my tackles, that's when I will think about accepting women into football. So, what do you guys think??

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    I have no problem with women playing football, as long as it's their own league. I am against women playing football on the same field as men. Don't listen to Ali, she's an idiot. Would they let a guy play in a girl's league? No.

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  • 7 years ago

    I have no problem with women playing in the NFL if they can play up to par. I think there are a few women that could. The percentage is not probably real high, but I'd say there are some.

    I think it is wrong to say women can't compete. For example, Reggie Miller was one of the best NBA players of all time and he's already in the Basketball Hall of Fame. But his sister all the time beat up on him in basketball.

    I mean have you seen some of the women body builders out there? Some of those women could do some major beatup on some guys.

    I think part of what puts girls at a disadvantage in football is that there is no girls football as far as little leagues, middle school and high school. In the sports that have that, look at the improvement of the athleticism of girls in those sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, etc.

    In each of those sports there are at least some women that could probably compete pretty well in the mens division of that sport.

    For example in tennis, Serena hits her serves only 10 mph slower than the fastest serve by any male tennis player. I think physically some of them can. Maybe not a ton of them. But they are at a major disadvantage because there is no girls version of football.

    I certainly think there are women out there that could do a good job as punters, kickers or wide receivers. I think it'd be a little more difficult finding women that could fit in well for say the offensive or defensive lines.

    I think what you were referring to was the girl who tried out for the NFL as a kicker. To me, that really hurt the movement of women being able to play in the NFL more than it did to help it. She basically had almost never kicked field goals ever. Then she went out and tried to kick some, didn't have enough strength in her legs and missed and even injured herself. I know there are plenty of women out there that play soccer who easily could have kicked the ball through the uprights for a field goal. And many of them could give today's kickers a good run for their money. Women tend to be more accurate in their shots because they tend to pay closer attention. You see it in pool, basketball, and gun shooting.

    I think people should be open minded. If a girl plays good enough to make the team, she should make the team. Bill Jean King already proved that it is possible for a woman to beat a man in sports.

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  • 7 years ago

    Yeah the day a woman makes the NFL roster is the day that the NFL becomes a powder-puff, politically correct, league and I stop watching football.

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  • 7 years ago


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  • 7 years ago

    I am so sick of Political Correctness that I wanna puke!!

    So NO!! I'm not for Homosexual marriage, nor Illegal immigration Amnesty & certainly Not for allowing Fat Chics in the NFL!!

    Source(s): Save a Whale, Harpoon a Fat Chic!!
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  • 7 years ago

    I think you're a prick honestly.

    Just because you say "I'm for equal rights and whatever" in the beginning doesn't mean it's alright to rant your sexist banter in hopes of approval. Have you played football with all the girls in the world? No? So then you didn't meet the ones or hundreds or thousands, idfk, who can break one of your tackles.

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  • If they're good enough, they should be able to.

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