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What to get my girlfriend for her birthday?

I have just asked my best friend (Whos a girl) to be my girlfriend, I have just came back from her house I took flowers, we have been best friends since we were 7 and its her birthday soon and I need to get her something REALLY special and I need her to know how much I love her?? any suggestions?? Thanks

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    something meaningful! like picture frames with pictures of you two in them, or a pretty necklace that has her name's first letter on it, or a bracelet... it really does depend on her style, taste, and age though.

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    Instead of maybe getting her a present (not that i'm saying don't get her anything, i mean you could get her some nice flowers - preferably her favourite ones - chocolates, some perfume...i mean the lost is endless) you could instead make her whole birthday a special day. You could try asking her subtly what her ideal day would be if she could do anything (within reason) that you could do around where you live, and then make it happen for her! Or you could do a mixture of different things for her..for example:

    - Start of with maybe making her breakfast in bed

    - If she has to work on her birthday then maybe send her flowers to her work and like cupcakes with a nice message on it (doesn't haev to be cupcakes..i just think they look pretty haha)

    - You could take her out for a nice meal at her favourite restaurant

    - Or you don't even need to go out for dinner, you could take her for a romantic picnic in the park or if you live near a beach or a nice area where you can sit (and have some of her favourite food/snacks prepared)

    - You could hire a pickup truck and at night put loads of blankets and pillows in the back and go startgazing in a nice spot!!

    - You don't have to hire the pickup truck, you could always just go to somewhere where you can see the stars (even just your backgarden) lay out some blankets and pillows and stargaze (maybe take some wine/champagne/whatever yous like to drink)

    - Throw a suprise party and invite friends and family

    - Give her a massage

    - Run her a nice bath, with candles and petals etc

    - Cuddle up and watch her favourite movies

    - Spend the whole day doing stuff she wants to do, she gets to decide

    That's all i can think of just now, but that's a few ideas to give you an idea. I'm sure she'll love whatever you decide to do/get her for her birthday :)

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    It depends on how much you're willing to spend. You could take her out for the day, take her to the movies or maybe the zoo (if she's into animals?) or anywhere you think she would enjoy, then take her for meal out afterwards to a nice restaurant. Girls like thoughtful presents so get her something that means something to her, maybe something that represents your relationship? something like that. For our first date my boyfriend took me to the zoo and I fell in love with the cute little lemur there. For my birthday he donated money to the zoo charity for endangered species on my behalf (as you can tell I'm into animals xD) and bought me a toy Lemur. Just something thoughtful, and she'll love it :) Good luck :)

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    What type of stuff is she into ? Think about her music taste, if she's a gamer, FOOD PREFERENCES , etc. If she's a gamer, get her The Last of us. its awesome, she'll love it. Taking her out to eat is always acceptable, as long as you know what she likes. As far as music you could buy concert tickets to her favorite band/ singer.

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    If you post what her hobbies are and what she likes, as well as your budget, that will really help.

    If she wears any jewelry, getting her Silver is always good. It's a precious metal, and it's also not too expensive.

    Bracelets are a good choice as they're easier for guys to choose.

    If she already wears bracelets, get a similar one.

    Here are two completely different ones that I quickly found.

    Good luck. I know how difficult it is to find presents.

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