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Anonymous asked in TravelEurope (Continental)Other - Europe · 7 years ago

I booked a hotel through one of the reputable online companies but the hotel is full.?

The day after I booked, and paid in full, I contacted the hotel with a room request and was told there was no room for me and the company had been made aware of this. I immediately contacted the company and around 16 communications later they still can't provide me with confirmation although they are still, loosely, suggesting the booking is good. They have offered me my money back or a 5% discount if I book another hotel with them. However 5 weeks have passed and the other hotels are getting booked up and going up in price. Where do i stand? Should they offer me alternative, similar accommodation at the same price? Sorry to go on but I thought as much detail as possible is best.

Thanks in advance, Tim


Thanks Airpole. They have now admitted the hotel is over booked and offered me a 10% reduction on any other hotels on their site. All hotels are now more expensive than when we booked so even with 10% off we'll still be out of pocket. As per your suggestion I have stated we expect same or better with no extra cost. Will update on the outcome. Any further advice greatly appreciated. Cheers, Tim

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  • 7 years ago
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    Cancel zour reservation if possible. No cancellation fee should be applied *but see general terms just in case). Trz to phone them. If nothing happens. I would definitelz take mz monez back immediatelz and would book another hotel directly on the hotels web site, not third-party sites!

    Do the booking asap because as the occupancy rate rises (demand rises) hotels increase their prices because they see the touriusts are not price-sensitive.. And the best prices without gimmicks are obteined at the hotel directly.

    Source(s): I work in Hotel sales and pricing.
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  • 7 years ago

    The usual practice in such cases is to be accommodated on a similar if not better class hotel without any further payment by you. Have they done any such suggestion? Or do they simply try to get you on a lesser accommodation?

    If the booking has been done with that company as intermediary, pending the hotel's availability, they are the responsible party.

    I think the best option for you is to ask for full re-compensation of all expenses you have made so far.

    If 5 weeks later they can't still fix you with a reasonable solution I doubt they will be able to do it in time. Of course that gets you off any planning you have originally made, but it will be a bummer to go on hoping that you will find the kind of arrangement you had initially made.

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  • Robert
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    7 years ago

    Tell the booking company that you are considering legal action and contacting a trade association/ombudsman. Trust me, you'll be surprised just how quickly they remember they have another hotel on their books that they will let you use.

    Source(s): Hotel/bar manager for 23 years.
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