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What do you think Will and Kate will name the Royal Baby?

With less than 4 weeks until the baby is due, I thought of setting up a few bets with my family as to the name. I've narrowed down my list to 6 names for each sex, with a few extras on the side:

Girls: Alice, Sophie/Sophia, Charlotte

(maybe Eva, just cos I love the name, possibly Frances, Grace, Victoria or Alexandra)

Boys: James, George, Louis (possibly Arthur or Philip, due to the family links)

Alice because of Prince Phillip's mother, Sophie/Sophia because it's a high-class name, and Charlotte because I think Will and Kate are quite modern yet timeless, and this name would be perfect. Many people think Diana. I disagree, it will be a middle name most probably.

James because of it's direct royal links, George likewise, and Louis because of William's middle name.

So, after that ramble, what do you think the royal couple's new arrival will be named? Give your top 3 with reasoning if you want. :D

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    Girls----DIANA will be a middle name, not the first name. CAROLE (Catherine's mom's name) may also be a middle name. ELIZABETH, Catherine's middle name and of course the name of William's grandmother, will probably be a first name.

    Name, I believe, will be.......Elizabeth Catherine Diana Mary or Elizabeth Diana Catherine Mary

    Boys----CHARLES will be a middle name as will PHILLIP. Phillip is one of William's middle names. WILLIAM will be a middle name. MICHAEL will be a middle name.

    Name, I believe, will be.......William Phillip Charles Michael

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    Considering the fact that the baby will be in direct line for the throne it is likely that their first name will be one that has been used before so I suspect either Mary, Victoria or Elizabeth, I suspect that Anne would not be used as that is the name of the Queen's daughter and great-aunt of the baby. I exepect Diana would be a middle name.

    They will have more choice with a boy, I suspect Edward or George as a first name.

    There is nothing in the Royal family to stop a monarch having the same name as one of his/her parents. The current Queen had the same name as her mother, George I and George II were father and son as were George III and George IV. Just because a name is in use in the current Royal family doesn't mean that it can't be used again (The Present Duke of Kent is Prince Edward, the same as the Queen's youngest son).

    Of course the Queen has a veto over any name and is likely to make "suggestions", it is believed she came up with Beatrice's name.

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    I was going to be a "wise*ss" and say William is a Johnny Cash fan, and name his son "Sue".

    In all seriousness, I will suggest "Diana Victoria Mary Elizabeth" for a girl.

    "William Charles Winston Philip Arthur George" if it's a boy.

    Or, they could go with Michelle & Barrack!

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    Why is it important to know? People are carrying on as though the Duchess were having an aardvark or something. Now that would indeed be news.

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    Sophie/Sophia and James are highly unlikely, because they are the names of Prince Edward's wife and son. I answered this question just recently (and I think you asked it), and I said that I didn't think the name would be one belonging to a living British royal, with the exception of Elizabeth. That lets out Alexandra, too, since that is the name of the Queen's cousin, Princess Alexandra of Kent.

    I think the most likely first names are Elizabeth and George, but they could surprise us and pick something totally out of left field.

    If I were in their position, I'd choose Robert or Alexander for a boy (because of the Scottish historical associations) and Eleanor or Alice for a girl.

  • They would never name her something as unusual as 'Eva' - that was the name of Adolph Hitler's mistress!

    I think they should name her Diana Elizabeth. Diana, for short.

  • Britney-Lee Kardashian

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    JAMES, also "Eva Braun" was actually married to ADOLF Hitler ,notice spelling

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    Elizabeth and Phillip are a formality .

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    Eugene. I'd just think a Prince Eugene would just be a bit different. Also VERY cool!

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