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David Hockney Art Project?

I have to compare some of David Hockney's work with some of similar artists.

I've been searching the internet for days trying to find some artwork similar to him.

Who influenced him apart from Picasso?

And is there any artists that he's inspired?

Has anyone got any idea's, I would be really greatful.

It's in for tomorrow so please get back to me ASAP!

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    You should compare him with other figurative artists. I'd suggest people like Lucien Freud and Philip Pearlstein. Eric Fischl would be another good choice.

    As for influences and people he has influenced -- have you been reading books about him? Catalogues of Hockney exhibitions? That's where you will get information. The Internet just isn't the place to do really serious research on a subject like this.

    Edit: Sandra -- Laurel Burch? Are you mad? Burch is NOT a serious artist. She's a cute commercial artist.

    And Chuck Close, while an important artist, is not the best comparison for Hockney.

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    What sets his work apart for me is the intimate settings, flattened spaces, and the unusual lighting. The colors he chose are also very california and pastel. David Hockney's work sometimes reminds me of a crazy quilt.

    You should probably choose artists that you like to compare his work with. It's always easier to work with artists' work that compels you to write more.

    I added artist Laurel Burch who does all those colorful cat paintings because that is who I thought of when I looked at his work again. Limited palette, simple compositions, and a great imagination is what they both seem to have in common.

    Noticing that he also does photo collage, I also added someone named Daniel Gordon who makes his photo collages into life-sized sculptures.

    Another painter whom his work reminds me of with these collages is Chuck Close. I think that photography has gotten painters to think of their work with a much more philosophical bend than the classical era using some popular scientific concepts about light and radiosity.

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