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Do you think Peyton Manning hates playing in Denver weather?


@ Monke -- It's his job, duh!

I am not asking if he hates playing with the Broncos, i am saying the weather

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    I'm sure it took a little while to get used too, seeing as how he played in a dome for the Colts all those years.

    Peyton Manning hates playing in the playoffs, because he chokes every year!

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    I agree with the other guy that he chokes everytime he is in the playoffs -__- but Colorado weather is amazing, I would think he would love it not having that humidity making you sweat profusely and I bet the snowy weather is nice when your out there running and getting all warmed up. If you cant learn to throw a football in snowy weather then you shouldn't be in the NFL because you could go anywhere and it could be snowing.

    Source(s): Colorado Resident, Die Hard Bronco Fan <3
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    Don't see why he would, Denver has the best weather out of any area in the US. Plus they have a slight advantage with the altitude the other teams aren't use to.

    Source(s): Was a Denver area resident for 23 years.
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    He signed with them for a reason. I remember that some of the teams interested included the Titans, Dolphins, 49ers and Jets.

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  • 7 years ago

    i doubt it. he knew of Colorado weather when he joined the broncos. if he didn't want to play in the weather he would have went somewhere else.

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    The big contract he signed makes things a little easier to deal with I'm sure...

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    I don't guess so man. I mean, winters are harsh but late summer/fall is nice!

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    I don't think anybody does. It's quite unpredictable and harsh

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    So then why is he their

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