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Who do you you think is the better qb Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

I asked this at my school and the majority said Manning. I believe Brady is because he is has led his team to five Super Bowls, this makes him the the second qb to do that after John Elway. Peyton has only led his team to Two Super Bowls. Brady broke Manning's touchdown pass record. Brady is two time Super Bowl MVP Manning only won one. Just wondering though, what's your opinion?

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  • 7 years ago
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    If you want to really see which quarterback is best when comparing two of them, the best way is to really watch video of them both playing.

    Just because a quarterback wins a Super Bowl, doesn't make him great. Look for example at Tom Brady. When did Tom win his 3 Super Bowls? He won them all at the very start of his career. A quarterback normally gets better as he gets older. And that has been the case with Tom Brady. Yet, it has been almost an entire decade and he has not won another since 2004. So if he is better than he was, shouldn't he have won at least 3-4 more Super Bowls and be up to about 6-7 titiles now?

    I mean that is most Patriots fans argument. If the quarterback is better they win more Super Bowls. Yet Brady has gotten better and not won 1 since 2004.

    So let's go through your arguments:

    1. Brady beat Peyton's TD record. Yes, but he beat it by 1 TD and by playing 2 more games than Peyton because Dungy sat Peyton the last 2 games the year he did it. Brady played every second of all 16 games. Peyton was averaging 5 TD's per game. That would have put him 9 TD's ahead of Brady if he'd played out the last 2 games.

    2. Peyton only led his team to 2 Super Bowls. The first one he beat out Brady and the Patriots in the AFC Championship game, leading an 18 point come from behind victory. Then he went on to win the Super Bowl with the lowest ranked defense to ever win a Super Bowl. Has Brady ever accomplished that? Not even close. His defenses when he won were near the very top in the NFL. The second time Peyton did it, he broke Brady's record of consecutive regular season wins by about 6 games. He also did it after losing his head coach and his top 2 wide receivers. His receivers consisted of Wayne, a drop-prone 6th round pick with 3 catches from 2008, a 4th round rookie, and the rest all non-drafted receivers. Brady never took a team with that poor of a receiving cast to the Super Bowl. Not to mention Peyton could have gone 16-0 that season if Caldwell hadn't pulled the starters against the Jets which they were leading in game 15 when the starters were pulled and they later beat in the playoffs. The only other team to beat was the Bills which was a given win.

    3. The Patriots fans get desperate and say Peyton had better receivers. No he didn't. How could he when the Patriots always drafted ahead of the Colts even when the Colts finished better the year before? The difference is that Peyton took drop prone 6th round draft picks with 3 catches and turned them into $45 million players like Pierre Garcon. Where as Brady always had veteran guys brought in like Welker and Moss.

    4. Peyton has 4 NFL MVPs, more than any QB in NFL history.

    5. Peyton took his team to 9 NFL playoffs in a row. No other quarterback has even half that streak.

    6. People say Peyton struggles in the playoffs and Brady doesn't. But for at least the last past 4 years, Brady and Peyton have lost to the exact same teams in the playoffs. And Peyton did better against those teams than Brady. And the last time they played each other in the playoffs, Peyton won.

    7. Peyton also has just accomplished a lot of miraculous feats that Brady never has. Like scoring 4 touchdowns in the last 4 minutes of a game. Or like winning a game in less than 15 minutes on the field. Or like making 7 NFL end of game comebacks in a season. There are a bunch of NFL records that Peyton has set that Brady hasn't even come close to. And Peyton did it with a team surrounding him that wasn't nearly as talented as the teams Brady played on.

    If you're talking about teams, Brady's teams were normally better. I wouldn't argue that one bit. But if you are talking about quarterbacks, Peyton is definitely the better of the two. Watch them on video, Peyton is much more consistent. That's why he had the most consecutive wins in a row last year with 9. And that in spite of coming off of an injury and adjusting to a totally new team.

    And when the strike was going on, they weren't looking to Brady's salary as to what defined the new agreement. They were looking at Peyton's. The players and coaches knew who was the best. ESPN picked Peyton as better over Brady, putting Peyton up there with Montana. And I've seen at least 6 former Patriots players that played with Brady say that Peyton is better than Brady. You know that has some validity when multiple former teammates of Brady say that.

    Could Brady win a Super Bowl with the worst ranked defense to ever win a Super Bowl? Could he almost go undefeated, set the consecutive wins record, and go to the Super Bowl without Belichick and with only 1 receiver drafted in the first 2 rounds? I don't think he could. But Peyton has.

    • Kevin7 years agoReport

      Brady has always had better recievers? Thats b.s. welker was cut by miami and the signed him and moss was there 2 years and 1 of those years they won every game with the expectation of the super bowl. Brady has more rings and has beaten manning in head to head. 3 super bowl rings 5 afc titles.

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  • 7 years ago

    OK as far as Super Bowl appearances Brady shouldn't have gone into Super Bowl 36 against the Rams because of a bad call by a ref. The other 2 they won occurred during spy-gate which puts them in question. Since Belichick was forced to stop cheating Brady has not won a Super Bowl or broken any kind of record. Also when Brady missed almost an entire season and Matt Cassell stepped in the Patriots still went 11-5, while without Peyton Manning the Colts go 2-14. Also Brady has always had a good team around and an excellent coach while Manning was pretty much the Salvation of that Team. Also if you look on any official list of greatest NFL players of all time Peyton Manning is a top 10 and the third QB after Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas.

    • Daniel E7 years agoReport

      And Peyton Manning has never had a Great team? you got to be kidding me! Manning has had a all star cast in Indy just like he has a all star cast in Denver. Give Brady those guys and he will play just as good if not better and yes Peyton Manning has had a top 10 defense

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  • 7 years ago

    It is pretty tough comparison. Mannign has overall been better in the regular season and Brady has been better in the psotseason, that is just how its been.

    But I think most people would agree Manning has consistently been on worse teams (outside of last year)

    When Manning was off his team, the Colts went 2-14. When Brady was out, they went 11-5 (although admittedly Matt Cassell is better than Curtis Painter. As for the playoff debate, while it rings true Brady has performed better, I can't see the Patriots matching Manning and the Broncos next year.

    So, all things considered, I'd say Manning as a personal preference.

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  • 7 years ago

    Brady has the edge but their careers are not over.

    By the way Moss had a Hall of Fame resume before Brady, in fact Brady was his QB for only two years 2007 and 2009.


    Moss had over 10000 yards and 100 TD before joining the Patriots. One record setting season like 2007 doesn't automatically make him a Hall if Famer.

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  • 7 years ago

    Brady is better. He has done far more with far less and has played so much better in bad weather. Peyton Manning is just a system Stat monger quarterback. When things are not perfect around him he fails and that has been proven countless of times.

    By the way devilishblueyes you really need to to your research. you are wrong on all accounts

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  • 7 years ago

    I agree 100% also Peyton manning has a 9-11 postseason record while Brady has the record for the most playoff wins ever. Peyton hasn't even won a playoff game in 4 seasons! Also Peyton has played with 4 HOF receivers in his career Brady only 2 and if it wasn't for Brady both Moss and Welker wouldn't of had a hall of fame career. Brady >>>>>>Peyton

    @ M. Diego Moss didn't get the touchdown record until Brady. Moss actually wasn't gonna be a hall of famer after he flamed out in Oakland but Brady revived him so he could be a hall of famer.

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  • 7 years ago

    Tom Brady is a smarter QB than Peyton Manning

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  • 7 years ago

    Peyten Manning is on top of Tom Brady as the better man and QB

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  • 7 years ago

    Brady all day long.

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